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  2. A Diamond For Disease
  3. shows in late august?
  4. Arsis Tabs?
  5. new colors
  6. scales
  7. fuckin \m/
  8. Abeyance...Hardcore/Metal! Debut album in stores now!
  9. New Artwork Posted
  10. kewl
  11. Your ideal Arsis tour(s)
  12. Tab: The Face Of My Innocence
  13. Where to buy Arsis...
  14. New Soundclip Online
  15. Arsis on vinyl?
  16. Lets make a deal! ADFD MERCH?
  17. Hey new fan here!
  18. local fan here
  19. Anyone found Arsis tabs?
  20. A Celebration of Guilt review on Sea of Tranquility
  21. Just got the new ep
  22. Where to buy A Diamond for Disease
  23. *Almost* completed tab: The Face of My Innocence (Guitar Pro)
  24. A Diamond For Disease Lyrics
  25. Live?
  26. Arsis Artwork
  27. mike! a question maybe you could get to jim?
  28. ATTN : Mike
  29. Guitar tabs?
  30. The EP
  31. Hypocrisy, Nile, Decapitated Tour 2006! Who's all going??
  32. Face of my Innocence tab
  33. Live Video Clips Now Up
  34. ACOG limited edition vinyl
  35. Merch Question
  36. Looking for Guitar PLayer or Bassist
  37. new guitar!!!!!!!!!
  38. Drum fights: Mikey vs. _____
  39. Just received my Arsis shirt
  40. Check out these tunes!
  41. Dear ArsiS
  43. Please, take a listen if you like \m/
  45. n00b to Arsis
  46. future predictions for arsis
  47. New Album Update
  48. Arsis//Necrophagist//Neuraxis//Alarum in Chicago!!!
  49. Arsis - Demo 2002
  50. post it, now playing!
  51. Update on the new album?
  53. Arsis Group On Flickr.com
  54. Scar Symmetry: for fans of Soilwork, Edge of Sanity
  55. [photo] New England Metal and Hardcore Festival
  56. They played it \m/
  58. Damn why does Arsis have to come to town on the 29th!!
  59. members of arsis
  60. Time Slots for the CA Metalfest
  61. Guitar Tunings
  62. To those who have seen Arsis on this tour...
  63. New fan of arsis.
  64. Any Pittsburgh Arsis fans out there?
  65. What the fuck...
  66. Necrophagist/Arsis Georgia role call!!!!
  67. Photos: Necrophagist, Neuraxist, Arsis and Alarum
  68. Bringing a van full of friends to the GA show!
  69. Does the lead guitarist use a string dampener?
  70. Guitar equipment.
  71. Brutal Florida Grind produced by Erik Rutan ...
  72. Tampa Pics!
  73. anyone seeing arsis at the loft,madison?
  74. about the Arsis setlist
  75. Who was at the NY show last night?
  76. Madison, Wisconsin Show
  77. please tab
  79. the review in ny's bb kings
  80. Album News
  81. shirtz
  83. Bc Rich up for sale
  84. A Diamond for Disease tab
  85. Upcoming Tours!!
  86. Me want arsis hoodie
  87. Updates Tour Schedule
  88. Arsis logo.
  89. need tickets august 26th to vp south?
  90. Aug 24th: ARSIS in Worcester, MA
  91. Ibanez rg 7 string for sale!
  92. TODAY - Arsis w/ Becoming The Archetype in Pittsburgh!
  93. Similar to Arsis??
  94. does anyone know what style of guitar james plays?
  95. Maddening Disdain Tab (Incomplete)
  96. Arsis review
  97. Pittsburgh shows - Everything you need to know about.
  98. My crummy Arsis review
  99. Several Arsi Videos - Includes Return!
  100. Death metal!
  101. Arsis Pictures/Video Wanted
  102. Dear Mike and James
  103. ::United In Regret cover art revealed; MP3 available::
  104. Lust Before the Maggots Conquest
  105. Jan/Feb NY dates?
  106. old email from Mike, haha
  107. Seattle Fans
  108. Another New MP3 Online
  109. Portland, Oregon date
  111. Did they ship today?
  112. When's the European tour?
  113. The CD
  114. "Hopeless Truth"
  115. Hey Mikey!
  116. Anyone want an arsis shirt?
  117. Just bought a new Arsis CD and the case is cracked and broken
  118. So Arsis is on the God Forbid tour now
  119. Which EMG's does Jim use in his RG550?
  120. Still haven't gotten CD/shirt
  121. Does anyone have an actual pic of the hoodie/shirt?
  122. Where is El Patio Ole Caribe?
  123. Arsis Videos on YouTube
  124. W00T!
  125. Setlist(s)?
  126. so is the lineup secure yet?
  127. Just got back from Arsis in SD
  128. Arsis in Revolver
  129. vocals
  130. wierd harmonies...
  131. Tour - So where/how do I buy tickets?
  133. Necrophagist Merch
  134. MTV2 Spot on Headbanger's Ball
  135. Arsis photos from Seattle Metalfest 1/20/2007
  136. Arsis, Ion Dissonance, Beneath the Massacre tour?
  137. Arsis Merchandise is available through myspace.com!!!
  138. Pics from 3/21 in Buffalo
  139. Arsis Website
  140. My "Oh, The Humanity" & other Arsis tabs.
  141. Vengeful (featuring members of Atheretic and Despised Icon)
  142. Set List for Arsis
  143. I made a little text tab for parts of Lust.
  144. who will handle the new album art?
  145. Just a note... you are probably interested in this...
  146. Enslaved tour
  147. Started tabbing Lust Before the Maggots Conquest
  148. ARSIS "As Regret Becomes Guilt" CD
  149. James Malone guitar?
  150. short new album sample on youtube
  151. Great show in NYC last night Arsis
  152. We Are The Nightmare artwork revealed
  153. more nightmare info
  154. Arsis broke up?
  155. New song on revolvermag.com?
  156. So, anyone coming to the Jaxx show?
  157. We are the Nightmare
  158. Arsis live videos 5-7-08
  159. Selling: A Celebration Of Guilt LP (Red/Yellow ltd to 300).
  160. Darren's Gone?
  161. So Malone is using an RM100
  162. Vocal Cover
  163. overthrown intro
  164. photos
  165. Hey, I wanted to see you guys with Carcass tomorrow >:(
  166. ARSIS Rejoined By Original Drummer MIKE VAN DYNE - Mar. 30, 2009
  167. starve for the devil
  168. My favorite death metal band!
  169. Shattering The Spell tab