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  1. The Dillinger Question Thread
  2. Tour FL Please!
  3. sexy band.
  4. !Blastages of Razzle!
  5. Some live DEP videos I have filmed
  6. if DEP was falling off a cliff at the same time as my parents
  7. is this where all the cool kids hang?
  9. Help on self titled EP
  10. A couple things.
  11. When looking up the lyrics for "Pig Latin"
  12. Jeff Tuttle?
  13. chris with c&c
  14. sO...
  15. Ire Works
  17. What 3 songs form each album should they play live?
  18. the new drummer permanent?
  19. trading dillinger gigs (bootleg trading)
  20. Gears?
  22. Obscura
  23. holy shit, IT LEAKED!
  24. Manchester show UK
  25. Death
  26. My Dillinger Painting
  27. Live At Lowlands 2004 Download
  28. European Tour Cancelled?
  29. lightning: bolts of destruction
  30. beefin' wit dillingr
  31. Cerebrum: the new progressive death metal experiment
  32. EUROPEAN TOUR to Contunue without Meshuggah
  33. File Request: Live Set Pro-Shot From 2004! Desperate!
  34. does anyone have this complete?
  35. Ire Works guest performances..
  36. I'd like to point out a quote from an old interview
  37. Is Greg's version of 43% Burnt out there?
  38. Stolen Babies
  39. video of me playing one of my solos
  40. Seriously though
  42. igl aronesh
  43. File Request: Dillinger's My Michelle
  44. who is destro?
  45. Shirt from e-bay... fake I hope?
  47. Galaxy Theatre - Oct 14th?
  48. Ben breaks his leg, tours cancelled, video news
  49. Black Bubble Gum online
  50. Jeff Tuttle?
  51. Dillinger in berlin. Help me, please!
  52. I don't know if this is old or obvious but Ire Works album art + Colors album art=...
  53. I Is Confoozed
  54. the front mag cover they posted..
  55. Who would you like to see Dillinger Cover?
  56. What's your favourite Dillinger cover?
  57. If you like D.E.P. you might also like......
  58. The "I Pre-Ordered Ire Works And Will Now Brag About It" Thread
  59. Lurch lyrics
  60. Lurch
  61. Gil Sharone on Full House
  62. ire works leak
  63. Anagrams
  64. yeahhhh
  65. DEP as My Chemical Romance
  66. Codes in songs? Hokus pokus?
  67. Does anybody know.....
  68. sorry a bit off topic, but this guy is my hero
  69. 10.23.07 - 8PM EST
  70. Ire Works leak
  71. there are people out there who don't like "unretrofied"
  72. Lurch Guitar Technique
  73. Pwease, someone get me this song =(
  74. Well Milk Lizard sucks
  75. 10-23-07 Live From The Bomb Shelter
  76. Studio Version of Milk Lizard Link
  77. Milk Lizard lyrics
  79. Does anyone edit dillinger's wiki?
  80. Stop The Madness!
  81. Does anyone think a DEP movie would be cool?
  82. Just So You Guys Know...
  83. Nong Eye Gong rehersal
  84. album review, before the album!
  85. oh my
  86. Greg named one of the "37 Greatest Frontmen In Metal"
  87. Holy Shit. The Amazon song previews are up.
  88. Sick on Sunday has already "Leaked"
  89. "Emo"
  90. Does anybody know what song this is?
  91. out of curiousity...what's everyones 10 favorite records?
  92. black bubble gum - lyrics (help!)
  93. Older Blog
  94. Jada is Metal
  95. Interview with Liam
  96. All the songs up on their myspace
  97. On The Thirteen Days Of Ire....
  98. Pre-Ordering, little help?
  99. Every song on this album starts with the word "you"
  100. The DEP Relapse bio.
  101. "Ire Works"
  102. Ire Works ripped from Myspace
  103. Greg sings live with ETID
  104. You Know What Dillinger Should do...
  105. my hero is...
  106. Revolver Bootleg Series
  107. Dead as History
  108. Tabs?
  109. What's happening with the new video?
  110. Guitar Hero?
  111. So, Ire Works is 'out'...
  112. I have the cd in my hands
  113. Someone work out the guitar pattern to When Acting As A Wave
  114. Ire Works lyrics
  115. Japan bonus track
  116. Autographed Posters in stores/ greg naked/ Jeff tuttle covered by kettle
  117. It's official now...
  118. Ire Works - Confusing!!!! But intresting....please read.
  119. Headbanger's Blog article
  120. Drowned In Sound Review
  121. For Those of us that pre-orderd...
  122. Words in Sick on Sunday...
  123. Irish Works!
  124. Too big for Relapse?
  125. Closest moment to Calculating infinity in Ire Works.
  126. AllMusic.com's Review
  127. Mouth Of Ghosts
  128. Favorite part of the album
  129. Pennie or Sharone?
  130. Favorite songs or parts where Greg sings
  131. happy ire works day
  132. Ire Works Post-Order
  133. Ireworks.net?
  134. ben on radio 1 rock show the other night (uk)
  135. D.E.P Program III. If found please report.
  136. Ire Works review (by me).
  137. design by Shelby Cinca
  138. vote dillinger for the 2008 Plug Awards
  139. 08 tour
  140. whats the inside of the booklet mean
  141. AC Slatering
  142. SHIT YEAH!
  143. Ire Works - Starwing
  144. Hultsfred 2004 Vid
  145. Interview thing on ArtisanNewsService
  146. Thurs 14th Feb - Manchester Academy
  147. DEP website
  148. drum program
  149. does anyone know how to get the japan track
  150. Dillinger meets Dublin!!! Irish fans step up!
  151. has anyone mastered any of dep songs
  152. "ire works" - a short review
  153. shit yeah
  154. What do you think will come in between albums this year?
  155. File request! The Peel Sessions (9-17-02)
  156. What Ire Works songs can we expect to hear live?
  157. does relapse suck?
  158. New Ben Interview
  159. Miss Machine dvd
  160. For those going to the first 2 shows in Canada
  161. The Ire works reveiw By J. Nerdy
  162. Alright why not? My IRE WORKS review
  163. fucking boredom causes this
  164. DEP on cover of Rock-A-Rolla magazine
  165. HOLY FUCK!
  166. HOLY SHIT!
  167. what the fuck
  168. taco bell will make you take a poop
  169. where the fuck
  170. Does anyone know any guitar parts
  171. Pennie with Coheed on MTV Canada
  172. IS BEN OK
  173. Please post new live videos!!!!!
  174. 82588
  175. The Real Jerk - DEP in Toronto Dec 2
  176. Detroit show
  177. i hope all these stupid hippies die
  178. Dillinger in TO Videos
  179. Cleveland show
  181. Most Hilarious Metal Video ever?
  182. Coheed fans talking about Chris.
  183. Favourite Dillinger Video?
  184. I'm not Greg or anyone in Dillinger.
  185. New videos NOT from youtube?
  186. when acting as a sunday
  187. MetalReview.com review of Ire Works
  188. Self-managing your band article
  189. Columbia MO, 12-8
  190. Favorite Song on Irony Is a Dead Scene
  191. Video of Gil warming up
  192. Set list
  193. tonight i lose my dep virginity
  194. how do you convert for youtube
  195. Pictures from Detroit/Cleveland/Pittsburgh/Louisville/Bloomington
  196. Apparently, theres another PETA ad ffeaturing the whole band
  197. For those that have been at any shows lately
  198. Chicago Show
  199. a few questions about the sets
  200. anyone want a What.cd invite?
  201. Best Dillinger Escape Plan album EVER
  202. UltimateMetal.com review of Ire Works
  203. Dillinger articles/reviews/interviews
  204. So if I do get to film tomorrow night in Baltimore
  205. Is it just me..
  206. 100,000
  207. At the beginning of "Like I Love you"...
  208. I feel stupid...
  209. circuit city ad
  210. Bass tabs
  211. Quick tour / tickets question
  212. Does anyone else really hate those random sounds on Ire Works?
  213. poughkeepsie tonight
  214. So this random lady today
  215. Fix your face live + Dimitri
  216. (LAST MIN) Montreal ticket show for sale
  217. 43% interpretation
  218. Portland, Maine
  219. SoCal to Little Rock, AR?
  220. Ire Works Music Videos
  221. Audio interview with Greg
  223. ireworksdotnet
  224. DEP in New Issue of Metal Edge
  225. Shit Yeah! Needs to cover this song.
  226. Ire Works Alphabet
  227. I know you're going to bash, but..
  228. Ire Works decyphere *spoiler*
  229. Does anybody have
  230. Error
  231. Shit yeah, Aaron norths/Travis/Buddyhead idea?
  232. Because someone was wondering and I don't want to track down the comment
  233. DEP sightings/success stories!
  234. My FYF T-Shirt
  235. I tried covering the mullet burden
  236. I don't know who charlie rose is...
  237. DEP related pic I took from my trip to XM
  238. New Ben Interview
  239. Show in DC tonight is sold out =(
  240. 43% Burnt instrumental
  241. Dillinger Escape Drummers
  242. Thanks Greg
  243. If you could have..
  244. dillinger effect pedals
  245. current tour...DEP headlining???
  246. Metallica
  247. Arcane vid
  248. Nanos operetta upload plz?
  249. DEP Show Raleigh, NC 1/17
  250. contacting DEP