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Tom Grindethic
12-10-2007, 07:39 PM
The long awaited debut full length album from the UK's DETRIMENTUM has finally gone to press. 'Embracing This Deformity' sees the band honing their trademark style, blending brutal death metal with elements of black metal and doom.

The album is equally at home expressing ferocious aggression with razor sharp blastbeats and guttural vocals, along with moments of dark introspection with soaring melodies and tortured screams.

Packaged along with stunning artwork from former vocalist, Eddie Ruffles, the CD-ROM section also contains a live video and the full set of lyrics which stand head and shoulders above the usual death metal fare, taking an uneasy journey across bleak misanthropic landscapes.

01. Scalestomeasurethemisfortuneofman
02. Disillusion Ethos (Of Torment and My Bleeding Shadow)
03. Blood Simple
04. Dark Eye - mp3 (http://www.grindethic.co.uk/mp3s/Detrimentum-dark_eye.mp3)
05. The Flesh Elemental
06. Born To Bleed (Losing Myself To Silence)
07. Negativity Flux
08. Ills To Which The Flesh Is Heir
09. The Contusions Of Remorse
10. Twilight's Slow Attrition

The release date for the album has been set for February 4th 2008. In other news this album will mark the beginning of a collaboration between Grindethic Records and the distribution company Code7 who, along with their partners at Plastic Head, will make the release available through high street chains in the UK and more mainstream online retailers.

The release will also available as pay-for downloads from outlets such as iTunes, Napster and eMusic.

In the meantime you can now pre-order the album from the Grindethic website (http://www.grindethic.co.uk). All orders received will ship a week or two before the album officially goes on sale. Also available are some package deals along with some new shirts and hooded tops.


Detrimentum will also be headlining an album launch party at Bar Monsta on 26th January where copies of the album will be available to purchase for the first time.

12-12-2007, 08:18 AM
"Dark Eye" sounds awesome - I'm definitely going to have to get this! It's a shame that there's no girlie t-shirts, but I'm sure I could settle for a Small! :P