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Hapalans 07-19-2020 06:08 AM

Using LinkedIn
How I can use LinkedIn for my brand developing?

Lacanta 07-22-2020 03:38 PM

Re: Using LinkedIn
It is interesting question...I do not know about it

Hapalans 07-22-2020 03:39 PM

Re: Using LinkedIn
It is good question...I think you can get success in this, if you will have a help of professional...I would like to recommend a company which deal with lead generation in LinkedIn . I think they will help you. They are really good in this and it will be useful for you, I am sure

korrida 08-09-2020 12:26 AM

Re: Using LinkedIn
Many social networks can be used to develop your business

genry 08-09-2020 12:38 AM

Re: Using LinkedIn
I am developing my business on Instagram and my online store is becoming more and more popular. But for this I put in a lot of effort. And I started by posting high-quality photos of my products. Pre I convert jpg to pdf then I processed it and only after that I posted the photos to the social network, supporting them with the necessary hashtags

arkfis 09-30-2020 05:52 AM

Re: Using LinkedIn
I do not think Linkedin is good for it. You can use this portal for communication with colleagues, for building a professional network and other business relations. But it is not meant for the promotion of your business. For this purpose, Instagram is a better option. Add font Instagram options to create engaging content, and step by step you will reach your target audience.

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