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User001 03-28-2007 10:01 AM

Massimo descends
...on a stormy sapish night, there was a man... a man furious ming said!!! by the name of massimo massiah.

...and he met the sapofvkkers on train one day, and their life was about to change forever.... as the tale begins,

this very train was terrorized by a bunch of hardboiled ghetto thugs, once this came under the attention of the sapofvkkers, then they used their psykoaktive peep-krvsh powers to make it as fast to the toilet for safety as possible. "but provokker you forgot our nu rehearsal tape on the seats! if it gets lost we'll never infect the world with great peepkrvshing art again!!" "not to worry my dear lova, i got it all under control... because I saw massimo massiah!"

the thugs approached this massimo of dark desires and one of them named big bubba said "gimme yo wallet mofuka or ill shove your godamn fugly mug back in yo daddy's ass where you came from!". then massimo pulled out his enormous chrum with "julius evola" tattoed on it and vehemently skullfucked the old lady next to him with it until she looked like a dried zombie. bubba said "holy shit and i thought we blacks were big! wanna join us my brotha?" but massimo said nothing and went straight to the toilet were the sappfvkkers were hiding. and shoved that huge chrum all day inside attakkers ass in an attakking fashion, after some screams of pleasure attakker had to release his ass from this gigantic pole and unleashed a peepkrvshing tornado out of his goatsehole and massimo was blown away into the other room exactly with his chrum on the seat were the rehearsal tape of the nu sapo-album was and the tape was destroyed, and in this process it disolved into a beautiful sparkling fairy light.

Then massimo fled away with his flying pasta carpet and the thugs just shot everyone and laughed their ass off provokker's crying face and attakkers' sucking on his thumb and left them alone.

provokker then screamed "nooooo!! massimo how could you, I thought you were saving our lives, but destroyed our nu art instead!!!" --- this is the reason why provokker hanged himself on the other thread.

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