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Dead_Lioness 08-23-2007 06:05 PM

Post random things here
I'm in class and bored, amuse me :cool:

Transient 08-23-2007 06:15 PM

bout 10 minute long documentary of me and my drummer in the studio

foreign10 08-23-2007 06:56 PM

ok so I'm going to judge by time zones here and guess that it's not 7pm where you are and it's like 3 hours back...but that still means that it's like 3pm. what kind of school stays open that long for classes?

Dead_Lioness 08-23-2007 06:58 PM

I'm in college..... and it's 7 PM here... my class is until 8:45 and straight from there I'm going to DC to drink, yay!

but yeah... evening classes are until 10 pm here.

Dead_Lioness 08-23-2007 06:59 PM


Originally Posted by Transient (Post 2487719)

bout 10 minute long documentary of me and my drummer in the studio

alright.... lemme check!

foreign10 08-23-2007 07:04 PM


Originally Posted by Dead_Lioness (Post 2487832)
I'm in college..... and it's 7 PM here... my class is until 8:45 and straight from there I'm going to DC to drink, yay!

but yeah... evening classes are until 10 pm here.

oh ok....kinda makes me glad I picked morning classes even though I'm not a morning person. being out too late would feel awkward to me.

Dead_Lioness 08-23-2007 07:06 PM

^ oh trust me I feel the same... I hate being here until 9pm...
Sometimes though... they offer a certain class at those times only...
It's my final year so I basically have to take any class whenever it is offered....

What was your major?

sickle 08-23-2007 07:10 PM


The Egypt on the Potomac Field Trip is not your average tour of Washington, D.C. It is an interactive experience designed to educate, enlighten and transform. This field trip will familiarize you with the architecture, symbolism, philosophy, and mythology of the ancient Nile Valley, and show you where elements of these disciplines can be found throughout the District. We will decode symbols, discuss the influence of Masonry, and show you America’s secret acknowledgement of ancient Africa’s contributions to civilization. Once this field trip is completed, you will never look at this city the same way again.

You will be inspired and informed as we uncover the architectural and symbolic relationship between Washington, D.C. and ancient Egypt. You will see evidence of the legacy of ancient Egypt embedded in familiar buildings and monuments throughout the city.

Washington, D.C. is significant because it was the first city built in modern times which was laid out on paper before construction began. The layout and design of the city was based on concepts of city planning and temple orientation that were first developed in ancient Egypt and incorporated in the construction of many buildings throughout Europe.

The founding fathers of the United States borrowed aspects of Nile Valley symbolism and philosophy and wove them into the heart and soul of their new nation. Their intention was to recreate the spiritual essence of Egyptian civilization in America and along the banks of the Potomac.

Did you know that the most visible monument in Washington, D.C. is an ancient Egyptian symbol? Or that a discretely placed object inside this monument openly acknowledges its connections to Egypt? The Founding Fathers and the designers of this city knew. These objects were hidden in plain sight, and their original meaning was obscured—until now.

Our Egypt on the Potomac facilitators will provide you with insightful information about the District, which will allow you to decode its hidden meaning, and see the city with new eyes.

During this cultural journey you will understand how the shape, orientation, location, and architecture of D.C. reveal a plan, crafted by America’s founding fathers, and designed to recreate the essence of Nile Valley civilization along the Potomac River. You will see how Nile Valley culture lives in the layout, buildings, and monuments of Washington, D.C.

This 3-hour field trip will reveal:

The True Meaning of the Washington Monument
The Egyptian Origins of Architecture and Masonry
The Spiritual and Astronomical Significance of 16th Street
The Sacred Geometry and Symbolism in Meridian Hill Park
The Masonic Influences on the Design of Washington, D.C.
The Untold Contributions of Benjamin Banneker
The African Symbolism on The Library of Congress

Dead_Lioness 08-23-2007 07:26 PM

^ hehehe, awesome!

I did a symilar tour with my art history class last year.
People really hate it when I tell them that those greek columns are actually Egyptian... just an example.

Dead_Lioness 08-23-2007 07:27 PM

^ oh and btw.... I'm a HUGE art nerd... I should check this tour out

Transient 08-23-2007 07:43 PM

pffffffffttt fine dont watch my boring documentary

pooptastik 08-23-2007 08:02 PM

World: Africa

Children high on sewage

By Ishbel Matheson in Lusaka

At the Lusaka sewage ponds, two teenage boys plunge their hands into the dark brown sludge, gathering up fistfuls and stuffing it into small plastic bottles. They tap the bottles on the ground, taking care to leave enough room for methane to form at the top. A sour smell rises in the hot sun, but the boys seem oblivious to the stench and the foul nature of their task.

[ image: ]
They are manufacturing "Jenkem", a disgusting, noxious mixture made from fermented sewage. It is cheap, potent and very popular among the thousands of street-children in Lusaka. When they cannot afford glue or are too scared to steal petrol, these youngsters turn to Jenkem as a way of getting high.

"It lasts about an hour", says one user, 16-year-old Luke Mpande, who prefers Jenkem to other substances.

"With glue, I just hear voices in my head. But with Jenkem, I see visions. I see my mother who is dead and I forget about the problems in my life."

Symptom of poverty

Sniffing sewage is a symptom of the desperate plight of Zambia's street-children. There are thought to be some 75,000 in the country as a whole - a number that has doubled in the past eight years.

[ image: ]
With the Aids epidemic affecting an estimated one in four adults in urban areas, and the government's harsh privatisation policies throwing thousands out of work, it is the children who have suffered the most.

Sikwanda Makono is an education specialist at the Ministry of Health. "Now that the economy is going down, we see more and more of our younger boys going into the streets.

"And girls too. If you drive around at night, you see very young girls looking for men, to merely get something to survive."


[ image: ]
The children can also no longer rely on the extended family, once the backbone of African life. This traditional safety net is now on the verge of collapse.

Children are sent out onto the streets to earn a living, or treated cruelly by relatives already struggling to support their own families, or simply abandoned by parents, who cannot afford to feed and clothe them.

Victor Chinyama of the United Nations Children's Fund in Lusaka says it is imperative that the Zambian government gets to grips with this problem.

"So far, one doesn't get the feeling that this has been recognised as priority, or as a problem that needs to be nipped in the bud," he says.

"This problem is on the rise and the sooner it is dealt with, the better."

Temporary respite

Substance-abuse offers a temporary respite in an otherwise harsh world.

Nobody knows exactly where the idea for making Jenkem came from, but it has been used by street-children in Lusaka for at least two years. Nason Banda of the Drug Enforcement Agency is not proud when he says that it is unique to Zambia. He shudders when he sees the boys at the sewage ponds, scavenging for faecal matter to make Jenkem.

"It's unimaginable" he says. "It hits right at the heart to see a human being coming down a level, to be able to dip his hand into a sewage pond, picking out the material and not caring about anything but the feeling of getting high."

foreign10 08-23-2007 08:04 PM


Originally Posted by Dead_Lioness (Post 2487853)
^ oh trust me I feel the same... I hate being here until 9pm...
Sometimes though... they offer a certain class at those times only...
It's my final year so I basically have to take any class whenever it is offered....

What was your major?

well I'm just going into college near the end of september. I haven't decied a major yet.

Dead_Lioness 08-23-2007 08:15 PM


Originally Posted by Transient (Post 2487910)
pffffffffttt fine dont watch my boring documentary

I'm in class you know... so I can't just play audio files here...

pfffffffttt fine, be an emo!

(I'll check 'em out at home when I can actually listen to it!)

Transient 08-23-2007 08:51 PM


go have a hoegaarden and stfu

pooptastik 08-23-2007 09:17 PM


Originally Posted by Transient (Post 2487998)

go have a hoegaarden and stfu


Transient 08-23-2007 09:32 PM

omg pooptastik you just get better and better

pooptastik 08-23-2007 09:51 PM

yo, for real though. belgian beers <3333333

Transient 08-23-2007 09:55 PM

yeah belgian is my favorite. duvel is my fav belgian strong ale, hoegaarden is up there in my favorite witbier. i have a st bernardus im gonna have soon though, that might be pretty good. i know i enjoyed their dubbel.

pooptastik 08-23-2007 10:10 PM

odium 08-24-2007 02:00 AM

damn its hot in this internet shop and my ass is starting to sweat. and fuck this fag reading over my shoulder im gonna kick HIS ass

Transient 08-24-2007 10:10 AM

hahaha hes just checking out how in th world youre able to grow hair under your eyes

sickle 08-24-2007 12:56 PM

a shadow wars game holy shit and its 10 years old

KillYourMother 08-24-2007 08:10 PM

The eagles are releasing a new album, i cant wait.

Dead_Lioness 08-24-2007 08:46 PM

^ Are they still active? I had no idea!

I love Belgian beers, they are almost exclusively what I drink.
I wish though, that there would be more of them imported to here though..
I miss some kinds of beers that I used to drink there :(

wa wa.

KillYourMother 08-24-2007 08:57 PM

supposetly they reunited 14 years ago and have only been touring, i guess they got boredof playing the same old material all this time, its going to be the first eagles album with new material in almost 30 years.

so my mom tells me...haha

Dead_Lioness 08-24-2007 09:00 PM

Honestly... do you expect good thing out of a band who hasn't record anything in over 20 years?

Serious question, I am not trying to be sarcastic here.

KillYourMother 08-24-2007 09:03 PM

i wasnt really being serious when i posted that, lol, just being random. Im one of the many that only likes Hotel California from the Eagles.

Dead_Lioness 08-24-2007 09:13 PM

eeew that song is sooooooo over played and I'm so fed up with it!

...but then again, I am sure you are being fed up with people who say that! ;)

KillYourMother 08-24-2007 09:15 PM

not really, and when i say i "like" it, i mean i dont get disgusted when i hear it like most of their other songs.

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