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Hallucinating Death 11-18-2007 08:50 AM

HAEMORRHAGE Interview with Ana and Luisma
Interview with Luisma and Ana of the Spanish Goregrind band HAEMORRHAGE (link)

Excerpts -

Luisma: "Our first idea was writting lyrics about cannibalism as a protest against meat consumption and our drummer came up with that name “Devourment”. But I wasn't a vegetarian and i saw that idea quite limited so I decided to write pathological lyrics and change the band name to Haemorrhage."

Ana: "In the beginning Luisma didn't want me in the band, he treated me bad. But I started to give him some guitar lessons so he must accept my superiority."

Luisma: "The Carcass inspired sub-genre is not restrictive cause Carcass have 5 albums and every one of them is in a different style, but the Haemorrhage style is more restrictive."

Ana: "Yes, the new songs we made to date sounds like 'Grume'!"

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