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ConfusionBay 04-09-2011 08:54 AM
So I thought I should give it a try to see if people still wanted it. SLW has been down for nearly a month and with no signs of it coming up again so I thought it was appropriate. The design is not done yet but please sign up and leave feedback anyway, hope we can get everyone from SLW over there, the spam bots will be kept out with a iron fist and by that I mean finding whoever made them and fisting them with a iron fist.

So yeah go ahead and spam it around to the people from SLW you are in contact with in other ways than the forum.

ConfusionBay 04-09-2011 07:24 PM

Sorry if any of you checked it and it wasn't working. Forgot to put off password for the forums. ยด

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