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whoreship 02-22-2014 07:00 AM

Whoreship records proudly present's:

WHS01 - FORNICATOR "S/T" LP (under license from Moribund cult (USA)

"Finally this great album of pure Death/Grind re-released on 300 copies of black wax with full coloured covers after being sold out for years (cd). Members of Whore/Lord Gore/Blood Freak etc had here made one of the most brutal records ever in the Death/Grind field with some of the most violent lyrics ever to be heard/read! Hide your women and daughter's cause Fornicator is here to cut and fuck them with their blades! Album includes covers of GG Allin's "Anti-social masturbation" and Pungent Stench's "Just let me rot". All in all you'll get 28 tracks of violence beaten in your ears!"
Unlike the cd version this includes ALL lyrics on a nice thick and coloured lyric sheet.

Please note: Neither the band or label's can be held responsible for acts of crime commited under the influence of this record!"

Listen some tracks on youtube:
Orders/Wholesale/trades: whoreshiprecords at
Can also be ordered from Antihumanism, antihumanism at (ask for distro list to safe on postage)

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