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Dan_Nailed 10-14-2008 04:05 PM

Nailed update - Album, Terrorizer CD, tour, merch
Quick Nailed update for anyone who's interested - "Hatred, Failure & The Extinction of Mankind" is finally out on November 3rd, with new bass, vocals, solo's, mastering and artwork to what we originally had over a year ago now. One of the tracks, "Rupture Saviour" is on this month's(November 2008) Fear Candy on Terrorizer's cover, and we're doing a bunch of dates through November and December to support it, including the Terrorizer Xmas bash on 5th December. Full dates are on the Myspace Also we'll have some new merch and an online store very, very soon with a couple of designs and both CD's.

We've already written 7 songs for our next album and are looking to record by at latest Easter time next year, and it's looking to be the absolute best thing we've ever written(don't all the bands say that) so we'll be back to annoy everyone again in 6 months!



FrozenWithin 05-13-2017 02:46 PM

Re: Nailed update - Album, Terrorizer CD, tour, merch

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