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Iceman350 01-16-2008 03:14 PM

I just found out about you guys and YOUR SICK to say the least :emot-LOL: but i was just wondering about some tabs for a song or 2?
If not can you just say what your tuned to and ill try and figure some stuff out.
Or if anyone else out there knows then please tell me.

Also ive really got into repulsive dissection (sick vocals tom) and yura put tabs up, still cant play the songs, hes just too good. Any further plans for that stuff?

Anyway looking forward to the full length and seeing you live.


Tom Grindethic 01-30-2008 08:51 AM

Cheers mate, glad you're into the stuff. I'll probably put some tab online when the album eventually comes out because there'll be a couple of tweeks to the old songs that are being rerecorded. We tune to A if you want to have a crack in the meantime.

Not surprised you haven't got far with the RD tabs, haha. I'm glad I don't have to learn the guitar for them. We should have a new track on the upcoming Grindethic comp but I think they'll be more news about a proper release soon.

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