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paulrawnerve 03-27-2007 01:29 PM

1404 endurance fest - 16 bands (mansfield)

14th april
mansfield, the mill

(These are Endurance people's descriptions...)

Chaos Blood - Brutal as fuck extreme metal band from Hampshire. Debut album 'fragments of a shattered skull' being released on Siege of Amida Records. Do not miss, top live band.

Reth - Stupidly technical metal from Leeds. Played with everyone from The Red Chord to Melt Banana.

Patient Zero - Fast lads from Boston Not Boston. Bunch of cunts!

Ghost/Ba5tard - Leicester lads feature the legend that is Bene! Send more cash machines!

Mel Gimpsuit - Fat local grind lads representing, last day of their tour!

Worker And Parasite - Top lads from down Guildford way! Playing fast as owt thrash/power violence.

Ape Of Death - Nottingham lads playing brutal metal.

Absurbus - Local youths playing Metalcore.

Seeing Red - Hereford lads playing fast hardcore like minor threat suprisingly enough

Hangover Heartattack - Straight Edge lads from Leicester, ace fast crust grind

Cide Project - Local dual vocal metal youth!

Alone We Break - Local metalcore lads

World Wide Waste - Kirkby Youth playing fast punk rock, top shit!

Coprophagy - Brutal Grind/Death lads from Sunderland, dirty as fuck!

Theoktony - Death/Thrash from Wolverhampton, brutal!

Forgotten Grace - Crushing death/grind from Hull.

Line up times to be sorted soon along with a flyer.

It's at the town mill in Mansfield, kicks off at 3pm and it'll be £5 in.

Vordred 03-27-2007 05:29 PM

now that aint bad at all for 5 quid!

if im around that area at the time then i'll pop along, but i doubt i'll be there.

i hope you get a good turnout :)

Surt 03-27-2007 07:51 PM

where the hell is Mansfield?

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