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Mattt 07-22-2012 02:20 AM

Veiled in Flesh - Technical Death Metal from Australia
Hey guys, just thought I'd write up a post here seeing as VB are pretty much my idols and the drummers inparticular have influenced me to step up my drumming in a way no other teacher or drummer has been able to. I loved the sound of the blast beat technique that Dennis and Tobi both use where they use their left hand on the hi-hats while blasting with their right hand haha really broadened my view on drumming.

My band and I have been gigging for about a year now and we're just about to release our first album. Our band's called Veiled in Flesh and we're all around 20-22 years old, originating from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. (The East Coast)

Since I've been brought up listening to the old and the new VB with Dennis and now Rotton_Boy as the drumming influence in my life, I believe that you guys will enjoy our band as I've always had my technique fall back on the brutal techniques used by all good tech death bands worth the mention.

Search for us on Facebook and Myspace or even YouTube as we have tons of live gig video footage, although there are only older recordings of our songs on the first two at the moment, we believe you will hear our passion and how much of ourselves we give to this music, also in about a month or so at the latest we will have our album up for grabs and you better believe we are sending VB one just out of appreciation for helping develop and inspire many more fast techy drummers like myself.

If you'd like to contact me or our band at all you could send us an email or a message just inbox me on here for the our band email.

ps. When we are touring anywhere near Visceral Bleeding you can be sure we will be trying to get into a supporting act spot or helping to promote our friends and tutors.

Also would be wicked to finally see these famed Malmö musicians of whom I speak. We want music to be our life, and we are prepared to give it everything that we have in order to strive and hopefully succeed.

Yours sincerely,
Matt Thompson
(Drummer of Veiled in Flesh)

Mattt 07-22-2012 02:23 AM




Also if you'd like to hear our Album Teaser:

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