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Meanie 10-02-2005 10:29 AM

Insidious Reviews
Expect a full update on this review section. Meanwhile feel free to contribute all reviews on the insidious album.

The metal archives
Emeth's debut album sounds to me like brutal death, made carefully. Besides being an extremely devastating album, "Insidious" shows that Emeth use several resources, such as permanent bass, guitar or drums solos, plus great job in the voice. There's an excellent instrumental part in every song, and all of them have a special place in the album. "Impermanence Of Being", the first track in the album, starts with an ascending intro, as "Aeon" closes the album softly, descending from guitar riffs to clear keyboards. All the other songs remain that idea, using different tempos and riffs. At last, I'd state that "Insidious" has shown that Emeth will have a great future inside extreme metal scene, not only because of the capacity of the players, but also because it has a lot of energy, and the sound engineering was excellent for such a great job. 100% Recommended!

Grindead webzine
Emeth was first brought to my attention by Ulf. I decided to check them out and also noticed they were listed to play the '04 Illinois Fest and were signed to Brutal Bands Records, both of which had many of my favorite bands on them. This gave me pretty high expectations for this album, and Insidious, which I believe is their first release, did not dissapoint me one bit.
Emeth play their music with a refreshingly unqiue combination of sick ass parts equally technical and grind that reminds me of a hybrid between Nile and Brodequin and perhaps a little Disgorge(USA). Everything I enojy in a good brutaldeath release is included on this album.... Hypergrinding blasts, inctricate song structures, blinding tempo changes, etc....
I highly recommend you check these guys out as I ancticipate much more sickness to come from these insane fucks. Some of my favorite songs on this album are Imperemanence of Being, Enedmicy Preordained, and Archaic Halos.

Belgian EXTREMELY BRUTAL death metal. Thus I like. You start listening to this and first off think 'WTF?' as 'Impermanence of Being' starts with a muffled effect that makes you think - uh oh, poor production. It picks up, clears out, and slaps you right in the face. Its actually got great production, as you soon discover.
Emeth are a very proficient 3 piece band, giving you fast, technical and highly aggressive death, in the vain of Hate Eternal, earlier Morbid Angel and such like. It certainly sounds US inspired death. I like the pace shifting on this album, strong leads, relentless riffing and blasting drums. It always amazes me when a 3 piece can sound this aggressive, and I'd really like to see them live.
The 9 songs Emeth give you are all a fairly standard length, nothing too long. The songs that really stood out for me were Stratum, an explosive death track with great gutteralness from vocalist Tom Kimps, its typical of Emeth in that its got flawless structure and seamless pace shifting from slow back to fast, its just the goddamn explosive nature of it I like. Other great tracks were Archaic Halos and Manifestation which were both really enjoyable, fast, furious, chaotic tracks.
Tom Kimps is easily up there amongst the other shit hot growlers out there, you can't fault him. The guitar work is strong and as I've said US death sounding at times, but its got its own unique feel aswell. This band execute their music well, put simply. The final track Aeon is a nice chugging 'cool down' after your ear drums work out, a lil bit of piano tinkling and all in all you're left with a feeling of - yes, I'll keep my ears open for what else these guys put out. 9/10

Voices from the darkside
I discovered these guys through the excellent "Face Your Underground" compilation series from our dedicated fellows at EMETH were featured on Vol.2 with the track 'Catatonic Entanglement', which made me pretty curious already, so I contacted them for some more material right away. Even though the band is already active since late 1997, it took them several line-up changes until they were able to play their form of relentless, brutal Death Metal in March of 2001... But in September 2003 they finally ended up recording nine tracks of their own at the famous Excess Studios for what was to become their debut album "Insidious". The result is a real merciless onslaught and definitely another perfect choice as the ultimate soundtrack to armageddon! Judging EMETH just by the material on offer here, they are without a doubt one of Belgium's most uncompromising Death Metal hordes of all time! Their music comes really close to a battleground, with the drums being the machinegun fire, while the heavy sounding rhythms detonate like bombs in your speakers and the insane, savage riffing is crunching everything in sight like a tank on a rampage! You'll easily notice that we're dealing with very experienced musicians here, cause technically there's some pretty complex parts to be found in their writing. As there's only very short spaces in-between the songs, you'll hardly find the possibility to catch some breath, so you are constantly about to be hacked, dismembered and mutilated until the disc reaches its last two minutes and an acoustical guitar piece finally brings back some silence. In case you're already bored by the majority of the established American Death Metal acts of the first generation and if you can't stand the inhuman sounding DEVOURMENT / DISGORGE etc. vocal-style either, EMETH might be your right choice! They are far more intense (partly even a bit monotonous), but deliver their vocals in a very deep and inhuman, but never unnatural manner. A very brutal act indeed, totally worth being checked out! If your favorite mailorder doesn't offer the CD don't hesitate to contact the band or their label directly at, respectively

Sorry Emeth, maar er moet me iets van het hart. Ik begin genoeg te krijgen van een bepaald soort metal -artwork. Ook het Belgische trio Emeth doet mee aan deze polonaise, vandaar dat ik hier even op in wil haken. Het lijkt namelijk wel of er tegenwoordig maar één formule bestaat om (death) metalhoezen te ontwerpen! Gooi een vleugje halfdoorschijnend beeld (bijvoorbeeld tandwielen, vuur, een klok, vogelvleugels en natuurlijk de zandloper) over een "arty" afbeelding waaraan je niet direct kunt zien of het een foto of tekening is, gebruik daarovereen een kreukeleffect of laat het "geschilderd" lijken en zie, klaar is je metalhoes! Het oogt natuurlijk allemaal heel professioneel en verzorgd, maar iedereen doet hetzelfde! Weg met deze hype! Ik ben het zat! O ja, en niet te vergeten de trend op pupillen van de bandleden weg te "photoshoppen". Wat is er mis met neus, wang, elleboog of kin?! Durf eens aan die clichés te ontsnappen! Gelukkig kunnen we het over de muziek van Emeth snel eens worden; precies alsof je een zeer stationair lopende mitrailleur pijpt, terwijl je ondertussen onzedelijk betast wordt door een krolse berggorilla die nodig zijn amandelen moet laten knippen! Uitgemolken termen als 'bruut', 'strak' en 'lomp' probeerde ik nog te ontwijken, maar helaas, ze zijn reeds gevallen. Emeth is er één uit het Suffocation-kamp, alleen heel veel opgefokter en sneller dan de Amerikaanse meesters. Voor liefhebbers van Devourment, Disgorge, Krisiun, Brodequin en consorten is dit de alom bekend verplichte kots. Een bere-productie, razendsnel en uiterst meedogenloos; ik moet op muzikaal vlak dan ook nagenoeg kritiekloos blijven. Openingsnummer "Impermanence of being" (mét "Ghosts Of War"-begin) en "Stratum" dalen lekker in, maar eigenlijk zijn alle negen tracks zo strak en vet als de poeperd van Mondriaan. P.S.: Om nog even op dat artwork terug te komen; de oplettende kijker zal op deze hoes zien dat het "tandwieleffect" in buik en oksel van de fantasiezombie in dit geval niets meer is dan de binnenkant van een ouderwetse fietsbel! Tringtring! Haha, eigenlijk best origineel, dat Emeth. (88 out of 100)

Meanie 10-02-2005 10:30 AM

Quintessence webzine
Wow, another indie signed band. Not surprised since this day of age has still proven the worth of the underground and it's legions. This trio began recording in late 2003 and "Insidious" was released this past June. 9 tracks of the most vile and repugnant Metal known to man is what Emeth is all about. If you like the ferocity of bands like Kataklysm, Cryptopsy, Pyrexia and guitar mayhem like Morbid Angel and/or Massacre, Emeth will be in your collection as fast as you can say their name. This is major label material!
The riffs and soloing on here with insane blast beats and sporatic time signatures makes this all the more entertaining. The songwriting is phenomenal and I'd be a fool and sit here and tell you this band can be easily figured out. They are a menace as far as being enigmatic in their creativity; it's almost beyond human comprehension until you actually sit on your ass and give this a good spin or two or three. They are everything an extreme listener would want in a band and they speak volumes as far as brutality and intricate execution. A must have CD!

Alter Verwalter... diese belgischen Holzhackerbuben sind nur zu dritt, prügeln aber rum wie ein kompletter Bus voll englischer Hooligans. Auf "Insidious" geht's nach kurzer Einleitung (und die ist Geballer mit Effekt druff) gleich los mir dem Knüppel-aus-dem-Sack-Spielchen im U.S. Stil. Da klickerte es ein paar Sekunden und dann war klar, an wen mich EMETH ganz heftig erinnern. Durch das erbarmungslose und sehr stark dominierende Geblaste und diese gewisse Hektik im Sound plus Gurgel-Gesang klingt das Material sehr oft nach den DISGORGE-Kalifornia-Sunnyboys, was insbesondere lustig ist, da der Gitarrist auch noch Matty heisst. Alle, die am besten einschlafen, wenn sie einen Pürierstab im Hintern haben und das Haus nebenan mit der Abrissbirne zusammengemosht wird sollten ganz schnell mal zum Plattenhändler ihres Vertrauens rennen und sich das Ding hier zum gemütlichen runterkommen in den CD-Player legen. EMETH spielen sauber eingespielten, ordentlich dick produzierten Blastbeat Death-Metal mit einer gehörigen Portion Technik und Verspieltheit. Die Gitarre frickelt stellenweise heftigst über den Blast-Teppich und die Breaks und Übergänge sind mitunter ganz schön schräg. Zugegeben, mir sind die Vorbilder DISGORGE schon viel zu langweilig und für meinen Geschmack könnten auch EMETH mal öfter was anderes tun als blasten. Die Intensität und Kompromisslosigkeit der Mucke ist aber schon beeindruckend und zwischendurch und besonders gegen Ende der Scheibe kommen auch so einige schleppende und treibende Parts, die den Sound schon deutlich flockiger machen als auf der letzten DISGORGE. Für Freunde straighter Sounds und eingängiger Songs sind EMETH deshalb noch lange nix, aber wer sich eine Mischung aus DISGORGE zu "She lay gutted"-Zeiten und GORGASM ohne Melodien wünscht wird hier so richtig ordentlich den Arsch vermöbelt bekommen für sein Geld.

Gore of
Das aus Belgien mehr als nur leckere Pommes herkommen, wissen wir seit Aborted uns ihr Debüt Album vorgeknallt haben. Die Drei Jungs von Emeth stammen ebenfalls aus dem Pommesland und hauen in die Sparte des ultra brutalen Deathmetals rein.Emeth legen sogar noch einen an Kompromisslosigkeit und Perversion drauf.Heftigstes Gegurgel, krankes Drumgeknüppel. Dazu werden noch sehr bösartige Gitarren & Bassriffs eingesetzt.Ich glaube jedem dürfte jetz klar sein,das jeder normalo Metaller bei dieser Band einen Hörsturz erleiden würde.Insidious bietet über 31 Minuten pures Geprügel. Dank einiger Tempowechsel wird das Material nicht langweilig. Trotz allem, reicht es leider nicht für eine Höchstnote, da die Band es nicht schafft eine wirkliche eigene Identität zu erlangen.Ich weiss zwar,das es im Brutal Death/Grind Genre schwierig ist wirklich neues zu schaffen aber Bands wie Neuraxis oder Origin haben es auch geschafft.Trotzdem Freunde von heftigen Bands wie Brodequin, Disgorge(US), Liturgy oder Internal Suffering werden ihre Freude mit Emeth haben.Allen normalo Deathern oder Metallern kann ich nur einen Tip geben, Finger weg!!Fazit:Für Freunde extremer Deathmetal oder Grindklänge empfehlenswert!!!

Burning Misery
The in Belgium bassed Emeth knows exacly what i like. The great blastbeat and brutal guitar work is awesome to hear. The fucking cool intro where Tom let us hear he is one hell of a blastbeat freak.
If your into this kind of deathmetal it has to be in you collection. The great fucking brutaldeath is blasting into the room and thats not all. This album contains also a huge dosis of slower brutal deathmetal and is just an awesome alternately on this "Insidious" record. Emeth shows us that they can play some fucking great brutaldeathmetal in Belgium.
The "Insidious" album has been releases in 2004 by Brutal Bands is a must for all you brutal metal lovers. The awesome recording sound with their great deathmetal is this album one of my top 20 favorites

Darkness Webzine
Emeth "Insidious": Definitely this band gave me a really good surprise; 9 tracks of a ver good played Brutal Death Metal, which though is into the Death Metal cein, it do not necessarily sound ala current American tendency, but they know how to combine brutality with rhythmic riffs and good tune changes. "Insidious" got my attention since the first moment I saw the cover of this production, because it performs a good design and from the first sight it makes you notice that this is a brutal and sick band, something which is a fact. This production gives us everything that usually insane people looks for into a extreme brutal Metal band: speed, rhythm, good voices job, and no monotony. In these 9 tracks you can find different influences kind of Cryptopsy or Pyrexia, in the same way as you can find riffs ala Cannibal Corpse and Massacre; interesting, right? Well, that is right, all this great release it is. About the sound and presentation, the first one is excellent, the sound is perfect, you can understand everything what the musicians want to express; about presentation, well, the CD I received was a promo, but even when it is you can notice a great design quality, you just need to see the cover. If you like bruality, this CD is a must for you. Definitely.

chief 10-18-2005 01:51 PM

Some more reviews:

Metal Domination
The band formed back in 1997 and they have already released two demos and one 7". The band comes from Belgium and "Insidious" is their debut album which released last June through Brutal Bands. Emeth, which is the moniker for this band, deliver to us a pure death metal assault, with a lot of modern elements. So we can say that Emeth, combines the traditional death metal with some brutal elements and we have the brutal deathcore result. This release has nine songs which all of the are about three minutes, in order to blow your head very quickly from the headbanging. Remarkable is that the band has already done their first USA tour and of course have already play many live shows. Actually i hope someday to see them live, in order to see if they can transfer all the power from the album to the stage. It is needless to say that in these nine tracks, you will hear guttural vocals, hyper fast drums parts and hellish guitar riffs. If you are a fan of this kind of metal, you can check it out.

The Blastbeat
Fans of Hate Eternal, Disgorge, Dying Fetus and the likes take notice. With "Insidious" Belgium's most promising brutal death metal trio displays its awe-inspiring strength. Recorded at Excess Studios, Rotterdam "Insidious" comes with a dry, hard hitting solidity which only serves their technical, pummeling death metal. 'Impermanence Of Being' opens this album and displays all where Emeth is about: blasting if not intelligently structured brutal death metal with well-placed mid tempo parts and grooves. Matty Dupont provides a firm framework of riffs and breaks for drummer Tom Ales to relentlessly blast through, whilst including the necessary calmer parts. Vocalist Tom Kimps has an deep, undecipherable grunt which he applies in a set of different ways. 'Catatonic Entanglement' probably has the best start/stop structure since Aborted's "Engineering the Dead" and 'Manifestation' shows the importance of compact leads. 'Mitigated Enmity' starts off with a small bass solo and further implies on Emeth's talent for modern US death metal. 9 tracks of utterly destructive US death metal are to found on "Insidious". Emeth are the most promising export product from Belgium since Aborted, Prejudice, In-Quest and Leng Tch'e. Don't like Dying Fetus current course? Force fed on Hate Eternal? This one is highly recommended for your brutal needs.
If you like bands like Criptopsy or Malevolent Creation you will be delighted by this guys from Belgium. Their music is at the top fo the brutality scale with fast drumming (including some machine-like blast beats) played by this beast called Ales Tom. The guitar riffs are fast and they have that extremely low tuned sound that adds a lot of heaviness to death metal music specially when it is as brutal as Emeth´s. Kimps Tom vocals are of the extreme gutural type, with nothing to envy to George Corpsegrinder or Chris Barnes in their most guttural performances. You want speed? That is the second name of this devastating band. Do you want an excellent killer sound? This band has it with a killer mix on each instrument, specially on the drumming and the guitars. This is bestiality unleashed over just have to taste it.

I already reviewed the very good (yes) brutal death metal of our land mates through the Face Your Underground ( compilation. In few words, Emeth sure do practice what they preach , offering some nine songs of ‘in your face’ brutal death metal with some grindcore surroundings. The basic approach is rather straight forwards with continuous impact and (astonishingly for a band of this nature) direct access. Analysing this album, it becomes obvious that our land mates have find their own style and impose their own trademark even if some facets of their music are on a par with most of the American acts signed by Unmatched Brutality or Unique Leader Rec. There’s throughout «Insidious» a good differentiation in both pace and patterns and for this reason, the whole product don’t suffer from the usual lack of impact and diversity. «Insidious» meets all requirements that apply to the genre but also brightly includes something more personal and interesting that what you have the use to listen to. Highly recommended.

Jaja, slim bekeken die bandnaam … Hij begint met een e! Hoeveel metalbands kunnen dat zeggen? Ooit maakte Emeth iets wat verdacht veel op metalcore leek, ‘Insidious’ is hun death metal-debuut en jawel … it’s from Belgium. Na het horen van deze nieuwe stuurde ene Phil Fasciana van Malevolent Creation spontaan een ‘you guys kill’ naar de heren. Maar lees nog even verder voor je naar de winkel holt. Deze Limburgers – jawel – leveren een brok kwaliteit af. Acht sterke nummers met een loepzuiver en tegelijk heel vol geluid (Hollands trots: de Excess Studio in Rotterdam). ‘Insidious’ omschrijven is niet zo voor de hand liggend. Ik hoor Noord-Amerikaanse invloeden. Af en toe doet het gitaarwerk denken aan Disgorge (US). Wat na ongeveer een minuut in “Endemicy Preordained” gebeurt, had op een album van Nile kunnen staan … als Nile het geschreven had. Maar over de hele lijn klinkt Emeth helemaal niet als de net genoemde of andere bands. De geniale opener “Impermanence Of Being” en opvolger “Catatonic Entanglement” zijn hier mooie voorbeelden van. Wat we gepresenteerd krijgen is voornamelijk ‘eigen stijl’. Door het hoge tempo lijkt ‘Insidious’ een album zonder omhaal en hoewel het een opgefokt werkje is, steekt het vol met breaks en talloze subtiliteiten. De tracks hebben doorgaans een complexe structuur en bevatten vaak verrassende wendingen die na meerdere luisterbeurten hun effect blijven ressorteren. Er wordt heel strak gemusiceerd. De grindtechniek van de drummer is niet bepaald de minste en de gitarist speelt zeer gevarieerd (vooral brutaal maar ook neurotisch, verdraaid of spectaculair). De zanger gaat heel diep, op een aantal momenten guttural a.k.a. piggy style, zoals bijvoorbeeld in “Mitigated Enmity”. Meer van dat in de toekomst. Heel lekker! België kent een ontzettend lange rij van ‘gevestigde’ death metalacts: Aborted. Tijd voor uitbreiding dus, want ‘Insidious’ is voor mij het beste Belgische death metal album van de afgelopen twee jaar. Indien uw platenboer niet aan dit album kan of wil geraken, check dan gerust even de site van de band. De heren gaan trouwens in augustus de VS onveilig maken.

InvoluntarySlaughter 10-20-2005 09:16 PM

It is good to see that you guys are finally getting your deserved credit in the death metal scene. I can't wait for the new album guys!

chief 10-24-2005 12:29 PM

Reviews from Germany (Ancient Spirit) and Poland (Mip):

Ancient spirit
EMETH spielen Death Metal, um genau zu sein Brutal Death Metal. Wie tausende andere Bands zurzeit auch. Und auch wenn oder eventuell sogar weil sie voll auf der US Death Metal Welle der Marke neuere CANNIBAL CORPSE, SUFFOCATION, GORGASM, DECREPIT BIRTH und typischer Unique Leader Releases mitschwimmen, ist ihr Debüt „Insidious“ ein geiler Silberling geworden. Natürlich nicht weltbewegend sensationell oder gar innovativ, aber geil! Tiefes, kraftvolles Growling, ultra-schnelle Blast und wildes Griffbrettgewichse, dazu ne fette Produktion und fertig ist ein goutierbares Todesmenü nach Schema US. Genau das Richtige für all die Fans technischer Ballereien, wenn es denn davon momentan nicht schon genug geben würde. Somit hat der Kunde die Qual der Wahl, wobei ich EMETH als eine gute bezeichnen würde - und man muss ja nicht immer den Amis die Kohle in den Rachen stopfen, oder? (9,5/10)

Jeśli kojarzycie Matty'ego Duponta z Agathocles, to bardzo dobrze. Jestem z Was dumny. A jeśli nie, to trudno - zawsze będziecie mieli okazję nadrobić zaległości w innym czasie. Najważniejsze jest to, że pan Dupont nie wyciera sobie nazwy legendarną belgijską nawałnicą, tylko od 1997 roku poszukuje swego stylu w rejonach brutalnego death metalu. 'Insidious' to pierwsza płyta długogrająca, a szóste wydawnictwo w ogóle, sygnowane nazwą Emeth. I nie chce mi się wierzyć, że co poniektórym ów szyld nie obił się o uszy, gdyż ich muzyka jest na tyle wciągająca, że przejść obok niej nie sposób. Na 'Insidious' spotykają się wpływy Suffocation, Cryptopsy i, dajmy na to, Deeds Of Flesh. Jednym słowem jest kurewsko brutalnie, do bólu technicznie, w przeważającej części szybko i... bardzo szybko, z niedużą liczbą wciskających w fotel zwolnień, pachnących wybitnie Morbid Angel - np. zamykający płytę 'Aeon' z charakterystycznym riffem, przechodzącym w klawiszowe outro. Jak na dłoni widać, że pomysł na muzykę Belgowie mają, a dzięki niezłym połamanym partiom Matty'ego i krótkim, 'deicide'owskim' solos materiał nabiera mocno gitarowego sznytu, wspartego solidnym bulgotem Toma Kimpsa. Mogę spokojnie powiedzieć, że - wraz z Prejudice - Emeth broni belgijskiego śmierć metalu i wydatnie wzbogaca okolicę flamandzkich wiosek. Bez dwóch zdań jeden z ciekawszych albumów europejskiej brutalnego death metalu. Pół godziny igrania ze śmiercią gwarantowane! (8/10)

chief 10-24-2005 01:04 PM

Reviews from France (Violent Solutions-zine) and Germany (Eternity magazine):

Violent Solutions
Après des débuts, en dents de scie, victimes de changements incessants de zicos, avec quelques démos, split, et compilations au compteur, les belges d’EMETH peuvent enfin bomber le torse avec ce premier album, sorti l’été dernier chez Brutal Bands. Il est vrai qu’avec un micro-label ricain rendu * ses balbutiements, on pourrait croire qu’EMETH a mis toutes les chances de son côté pour se vautrer dans une carrière underground au ras des pâquerettes. Et pourtant, le style pratiqué sur ce premier album n’a strictement rien d’européen puisque nous sommes en présence d’un authentique ouvrage de brutal death, suivant la longue lignée des groupes ultra bourrins d’outre-atlantique. Directement inspiré des monstruosités discographiques déj* engendrées par des groupes de poètes tels DISGORGE (US), CANNIBAL CORPSE, SUFFOCATION et j’en passe, « Insidious » se révèle être la réponse belge * tout ce que les Américains ont de plus radical en matière de brutalité. Tous les archétypes du genre sont présents : un chant ultra rauque * vous écorcher les tympans, des blast beat aussi carrés qu’incessants et une guitare implacable aux solos hystériques. Ici, aucun temps mort, EMETH déboule * un rythme effréné quasiment d’un bout * l’autre de l’album. Je dis bien quasiment car le groupe a fait le choix intéressant de finir sur une touche plus nuancée, et surtout plus calme, avec une douce mélopée reproduisant piano et flûtes au synthé. Pour le reste, on demeure dans le domaine de l’équarrissage musical au sens le plus primaire du terme. Bien que les membres d’EMETH soient de véritables machines de guerre, dotées de la technicité requise pour du brutal qui tache, « Insidious » n’échappe pas * une cruelle linéarité qui se fait même persistante au bout d’une demi-heure. Si les riffs alambiqués mettent assez bien en valeur certaines qualités d’EMETH, les solos sont parfois si chaotiques que l’ensemble perd un peu de sa cohésion. Mis * part ces quelques reproches souvent ressassés lorsqu’on parle de brutal death US, EMETH plaira probablement aux accrocs du lavage de cerveau via la musique. Attention les oreilles, ça cogne vite et fort…très fort. Pas d’utilisation prolongée sans avis médical.

Eternity magazine
Hört sich irgendwie an wie Deranged...das war mein erster Eindruck und ich war begeistert. Nach mehrmaligem Hören merkt man aber, dass Insidious mehr als nur eine 1:1 Deranged-Kopie ist. Viele Feinheiten bleiben einem am Anfang verborgen und kommen erst beim dritten oder vierten Durchgang zum Vorschein. Emeth wissen nur zu genau, wie man DeathGrind ohne viele Umschweife direkt auf den Punkt bringt und damit den Hörer in seinen Bann zieht. Der Sound ist richtig dick und rollt wie eine riesige Welle aus Hass und Brutalität über einen Hinweg. Der abgrundtiefe Gesang klingt böse und brutal, genau so wie es sein soll. So macht es wirklich Spaß. Was mir ein wenig fehlt, ist die Eigenständigkeit unter den Songs ansich, deswegen gibt es auch ?nur„ 5 von 6 Punkten. Der Gitarrensound gefällt mir eigentlich am besten, richtig druckvoll und brutal unterstütz er die geilen, stampfenden Killerriffs, welche sich lästig wie ein Haken ins Ohr bohren und dort auch nicht mehr wegwollen. Die Drums brauchen sich auch nicht zu verstecken. Wie ein Schlag mit dem Hammer in die Fresse und das im Blastbeattakt. Unter kann man sich einige Songs des ersten Silberlings der Band anhören. Wer auf Deranged & Co. steht, kommt an Emeth nicht vorbei.

chief 10-25-2005 11:48 AM

Nekrologium zine
Belgium have never been a country from which a lot of metal bands have emerged. Black metallers Enthroned and semi-death/black band Ancient rites have problably been the most known and Aborted the most brutal. Now Emeth have appeared though. A band like our very own Deranged comes to mind in comparison, but there can also be traced an older Cannibal Corpse influence. Still Emeth belong pretty much to the new breed of brutal US-influenced death metal. They are however not afraid to also use heavy slamming parts in-between the blasts. Plus that they use traditionally deep vocals. It’s about time Belgium got a really brutal band to be reckoned with. Good stuff actually.

Blown To Pieces 3 (compilation with emeth, Fearsome Rec.)
Zo had ook bijna het einde van mijn stereo geheten. Waarom? Omdat Fearsome Records het derde deel uit deze serie begint met de verminkende death metal van het Belgische Emeth ('Catatonic Entanglement'). Het geeft aan wat er twintig nummers lang langs komt denderen. Twintig bands die allemaal proberen hun beste beentje voor te zetten en de luisteraars te overtuigen van hun kunsten. En dat lukt, deels. Kort en goed, voor de ware death metal carnivoren onder jullie is dit album een absolute aanrader. Bands als Emeth, Toiletation ('Die Prick'), Jack Slater ('Metzgore') en Devious ('Inanimate') vechten om de titel smerigste death metal band. Dit betekent dat diegenen die een versnelde polsslag krijgen van rauwe grunts, ADHD in het kwadraat drums en woeste gitaarriffs hun hart kunnen ophalen. Gelukkig is het niet allemaal grote-dreunen-snel-thuis wat Fearsome Records ons brengt. De hoogtepunten van de CD zijn namelijk niet voor rekening van de woestelingen, maar voor meer melodieuze bands. De black/ death metal van Imbolc ('Compulsive Dissection') en Bloodwritten ('Darkness Pt. 1') verdienen een eervolle vermelding, maar het absolute hoogtepunt is 'Storming The Western Gates' van Shadowlord. Deze dramatische en bombastische melodische black/ death metal track is precies datgene wat een sampler als deze zo leuk maakt. Een grote diversiteit aan bands, voor ieder wat wils en zelfs een of twee verrassingen. Al met al is dit derde deel van de 'Blown To Pieces' serie een heel aardig CD-tje die je in vogelvlucht meeneemt door de wondere wereld van de hedendaagse death metal.

chief 12-11-2005 02:29 PM

I was looking for new bands a couple of months ago, then someone (Can’t remember the name) told me “Hey, if you’re looking for brutal or crazy bands, try Emeth from Belgium, they sure kick ass”. I told myself “Why not”, So I started looking for this band all over the web, then the CD arrived a couple of weeks ago…and damn I’m glad it did.

“Insidious” is an album wrapped in brutality and catchiness at the same time, I have to be honest with you, when I first pushed play in my stereo I thought “well, the riffs are insane and brutal…damn I wanted more” and more is what I got, as the album flows the chaotic riffing and the disorganized music begins to slowly disappear, even though the best part of that feature sticks to the end, so when ”Manifestation” ends, you’ll be saying “What the fuck did just happen?” and then the great bass intro from ”Mitigated Enmity” appears blowing minds again.

I heard some small guitar solos in the album, which means they actually CAN do cool solos, so I say “Keep the complex guitar solos flowing man!!!” that would bring more intensity towards the music for sure. Emeth is surely a good band, their sound keeps growing as the CD spins; as you can see this is not the average Brutal Death Metal band, the band adds many twists here and there.

I liked the album very much, yes it’s really fucking Brutal and yes those “Hihihi I’m very cool because I listen to H.I.M and COB” dudes will despise this release, I really think they should try ”Stratum” they’ll crap their pants a little bit I’m sure, that song is the best one in the album by the way, along with ”Aeon” a really weird somehow experimental tune.

Final Verdict: this one started slow, but in the end it impressed me very much. Now I’m really interested in the new release (2006).

Best Tracks: “Stratum”, “Mitigated Enmity”, “Aeon”


chief 12-21-2005 11:22 AM

Heavyhardes (Germany)

Neben den übermächtigen Releases aus dem Nachbarland Holland geht belgischer Death Metal (bis auf Aborted vielleicht) immer ein wenig unter. Aber auch in diesem beschaulichen Fleckchen Erde wird ordentlichst geprügelt, was uns diesmal am Beispiel der drei Jungens von Emeth vor Augen geführt wird. Die zocken auf Insidious Brutal Death der durch und durch amerikanischen Prägung Richtung Disgorge: brutal, schnell, technisch, ohne Melodiemüll den man zuhause auf der Geige mitspielen kann. Zum Glück wird bei Emeth mit Tempo- und Riffwechseln nicht so abartig um sich geworfen dass es allzu hektisch klingt (wie beispielsweise bei ihren Landsmännern von Prejudice, die mir mit ihrem überzogenen Geschrubbe teils tierisch auf die Nüsse gehn). Insidious bietet gut gemachtes, kompromissloses Brutal Death-Gebügel das zwar die ersten paar Durchläufe noch so eingängig ist wie ein Tampon aus Stacheldraht und das nicht gerade mit großartiger Eigenständigkeit glänzt, aber dennoch für amtliche Unterhaltung sorgt.

chief 01-09-2006 10:04 AM

Carnage zine (Germany)

EMETH kommen aus Belgien und haben soweit ich weiß schon die ein oder andere VÖ auf dem Buckel. Zumindest habe ich den Namen schonmal gehört. EMETH spielen blasting Death Metal der eindeutig in die Moderne geht. Das tun sie weiß Gott nicht schlecht den Insidious kanettert, schleift und böllert ganz ordentlich aus den Boxen. Der Sound dieses Neuntrackers geht auch klar und ist schön brutal. Geht vielleicht von der Machart ein wenig in die DEEDS OF FLESH Richtung, nur so als Beispiel. Man merkt der Band jedenfalls deutlich ihre Liveerfahrungen die sie hauptsächlich in Amerika gesammelt hat an und Sänger Tom hat sicher nich ganz unrecht wenn seine Band als Brutal Death Metal Band anpreisst. Klasse Scheibe trotz des hohen Ballerfaktors.

Punkte: 8,5 (ms)

chief 03-08-2006 05:47 AM

No Bullshit Zine (Philippine)

I was very surprised because this band is not new to the u.g scene and even shared some stage with great European death metal bands, INSIDIOUS was actually released last 2004 and this was actually their first full length. These guys totally captures my attention, and even I was a bit shocked while listening to this, it seems like they are torturing me. The technical guitar riffing is fucking head crushing like grabbing my head to the sewer with brutality approach of a gutted vokills, how I wish I could play guitar something like this in my band, the pinch harmonic and arpeggios are sweet in my ears, that combines the thundering blast beats makes my heart weak, I guess I am having a heart attack now…hehe! The merging of song structure is awesome and I won’t be surprise if these guys will be one of the next big thing in brutal death metal in Europe. - Corix

chief 03-09-2006 02:02 PM

Pitchline zine (Spain)

Arggghhhhhh!!!!! Joder lo mismo que pasó con Agiel este grupo belga también ha sacado otro disco que ha de estar entre lo mejorcito del 2004. El sello Brutal Bands se ha hecho con los servicios de este grupo cuyo primer álbum des de lo más brutal que ha salido últimamente. Musicalmente es como si uniésemos algo de los dioses Brodequin, Disgorge, junto con algunas partes de Cryptopsy y Damnable, asi que os podéis hacer una idea de lo que hacen estos Emeth. “Insidious” suena con una producción perfecta que junto a la técnica que poseen sus miembros hacen de este disco algo único. Este pasa a ser uno de mis favoritos en cuanto a música Brutal Death se refiere, y espero que sigan as* en próximas ediciones.

La portada es realmente extraña. Les doy 9´5 porque darle un 10 creo que es imposible.

chief 04-01-2006 04:41 AM

Your Extent (USA)

Emeth's debut full length is carefully made brutal death. Besides being an incredible album, "Insidious" shows that Emeth use many resources, such as permanent bass, guitar or drums solos, plus good vocals. There's an impressive instrumental part in every song, and all of them have a special place in the album. "Impermanence Of Being", the first track in the album, starts with a fade in, a sort of ascension, as "Aeon" closes the album softly, descending from guitar riffs to clear keyboards. All the other songs retain that idea, using different tempos and riffs. Finally, I'd state that "Insidious" has shown that Emeth will have a great future in the metal scene, not only because of the sheer ability of the members, but also because their refreshing creativity. Even though this album is great, the band still has a lot of potential which will hopefully be converted into output for the next album[4.5 stars if it were possible]

paulrawnerve 04-01-2006 02:06 PM

my review is here..

chief 04-01-2006 02:15 PM


Originally Posted by paulrawnerve

This is a link to the band: "insidious decrepancy" ....

paulrawnerve 04-01-2006 02:32 PM

sorry! i've not been awake long!! hahah!!
*shuffles off quickly*
hopefully getting sent the emeth album soon so will post up a proper link soon!!


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