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666 09-10-2006 05:40 AM


Visiting the forum since a while, I have noticed that some of you already put an add (that I cannot find anymore) to sell some CD's and other stuff. Sorry if it might now be the right place to post it, but here is my list anyway:

Angel Blake:Angel Blake
Cannibal Corpse:Kill
Torture Killer:Swarm!
Criminal:Sicario (digipack)
Bolt Thrower:Those Once Loyal
Fragments of Unbecoming:Sterling Black Icon (Chapter III- Black But Shining)
Path of Possession:Promises In Blood
The Black Dahlia Murder:Miasma
Primordial:The Gathering Wilderness (digipack CD+DVD)
Into the Pit:Compilation Dual Disc:
Six Feet Under (Deluxe box set of 5 discs):A Decade In The Grave
Disillusion:Back To Times Of Splendor (digipack)
Brainstorm:Soul Temptation (digipack CD+DVD)
Neaera: Let The Tempest Come (digipack)

All the merch is still on its plastic. Brand new. If you are interested in any of those CD's, please reply to this post, or send me a private message. Thanks

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