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Dr Carlsson 03-26-2009 01:33 PM

Corpus In Extremis - US release date

* “The catchy groove of the title track is a treat; the atavistic,
lo-fi crust ‘n’ burble of every other song is even better” – Revolver
[4/5 rating]

* “By the third song, however, it sounds as if, in addition to
their continued suckling at CARCASS’ teat, they’ve read Daniel
Ekeroth’s Swedish Death Metal and had a patriotic flame ignited. What
else explains the whipping out of classic death metal and death ‘n’
roll riffs ala ENTOMBED and DISMEMBER in energetic, propulsive
barn-burners like ‘Ichor’ and ‘Plexus Necrosis’? Let’s not forget the
barrage of bend-happy and bluesy solos” – Decibel

* “These morticians are from the early NAPALM DEATH school of
brevity, the blood-spattered CARCASS medical (text) book of lyrics
(and accompanying visuals), with a healthy dose of tongue firmly
planted in cheek…old-school fun!” –

* “You want brutal? I mean, REALLY brutal? Then look no further
than the latest from gore soaked death metal act General Surgery…a
pulverizing concoction of violent death metal, and one of the heaviest
things I have heard in a while” –

* “One listen to this masterpiece of brutality and you will be
hooked…Fans of old-school Swedish death metal that is filthy, raw and
just plain sick must get this release now!” – Minacious webzine

* “Makes me long for the days of really independent extreme music
before Myspace and videos…thank you, General Surgery, for bringing
those thoughts and feeling back to mind” – Absolute Zero Media webzine

I love the last quote!

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