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xfinalconflictx 07-28-2005 12:54 AM

TOUR DIARY-Final installment
After Wyoming it was Nebraska, the venue changed and really hurt the turnout. Fargo, ND was next. Good show, lots of kids. IB and some of us got thrown out of a pool hall, not sure why. The next 3 days were with ANAL BLAST and that kicked ass. Thanx to Erik in Superior,WI , Don Decker for st paul show. After st paul show we hung out with Andy/Sound guy for BLACK DAHLIA MURDER and Spud/Sound guy for SOILENT GREEN .Good dues , took us to this killer diner as well/ Eau Claire,Wi was next and the show ruled. Thanx to Joe and all the crusty kids that were there.SaginawMI was next and I swear it was well over 110 degrees in the place, so hot. Lots of kids at this one and Seige definitely treated us right. Columbus was next, my boy jesse did the show, BIGOTA kicked out there merch dude in an ugly scene. Show was really cool though. We missed the next 2 nights due to a family/personal issue and met up with IB and BIGOTA in WV for the last day of the tour. The show was ok, promoter was kind of a shady dude and kept whining the whole night about this and that. I met a new friend before the show , her name was jackie and she has talents that one can only wish for in a female "fan" Good times indeed. We said out goodbyes to the bands, made some really good friends with IB on this tour, and same with BIGOTA/ Yeah tour had some ups and downs, but that is the same with any tour.
cant wait to thrash on the road again
THRASH LIFE...........NO DIE !!!!

WE will be adding tour merch this week, so make sure to get some shirts.

tamponsqueezer 07-31-2005 12:55 AM

Great diary! Thanx a lot!
I'm waiting with my order till the tour merch is in!

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