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Originally Posted by Transient View Post
isnt it nice to get posted without getting hassled about your race? i cant believe you still post on the alliance. i also cant believe some of the shit they say to you
meh no big deal. I don't give a fuck about a lot of those people. I wouldn't clash with them so much if the people that hate cky just stopped posting there. because they're mainly the people that I hate. it's probably the only forum on the internet where people that hate a band still post on the forum of the band because that they've met because of the forum still post there.

but about Kreator. even though I only like from Terrible Certainty to Coma of Souls (and I hardly ever listen to those) part of me will never get all the hype that Endless Pain, Flag of Hate, and Pleasure to Kill get. on those albums (and EP) Kreator just seemed to be in "play as fast as possible" mode with a little direction in the songs here and there. I've given Pleasure to Kill so many chances but I can't get into it. I know people like it cause it's on the borderline of being death metal because of the speed and heaviness and how raw it is, but there were thrash bands that had the heaviness and raw edge but had better focus in the songs. like Dark Angels Darkness Decends and Sacrifices Torment in Fire (even though I only like a few songs on that one). Kreator just got so much better after that album, but besides mille's vocals nothing really stands out as being all that original to me.

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