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Originally Posted by fragmentaryEvidence View Post
Fucking hotmail says the sending of message failed, so there's the link;

There is a couples bars missing, but I think there's an updated version so you have to just ask them on myspace ...

Give me feedback!
It has some mistakes, but it will help me on my tab!
Originally Posted by Merfolk View Post

Actualy, we never used click tracks, much to the chagrin of our soundmen ; Etienne would have gladly followed one, but these are complex to program and songs were modified on last minute...

I lack time to do the tabs (I am a high school teacher and have a custom guitar shop among many other things) and I couldn't open your files. However, I consider it quite an honor that people from a far put such work to learn and write down songs I wrote. It's been a long way for me. I started playing guitar in high school (that is 1981 folks!!!) and since then I had to dodge so many attempts to steer me out of music, constantly being told that nobody would have any interest in it and that I myself would loose interest in it before I graduate! It's been 25 years since I first walked onstage with a guitar. I think I am realy patient :)
Nice to hear that, man. I wonder who the fuck will tell someone in Canada that they can't make good music, haha, but whatever, I am glad you gave a shit about those comments! Keep up the good work

When I finish my tab I will post it also in .jpeg formats so you can give it a look if you want to
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