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Ludicra's Ross Sewage to appear on Home and Garden Network's "Curb Appeal"

Curb Appeal, one of Home and Garden Network's regular fix-it shows,
will be debuting a new episode featuring the refurbishing of the dwelling
belonging to Impaled's own Ross Sewage. Ross and his brother are
showcased on the episode airing Saturday, January 28th, at noon PST/EST,
making a "serious update" to the style of their simple Craftsman home. Said
Ross of the show, "Well, people may be disappointed to find out I don't
live in a cave, morgue, or some other equally moribund domicile and
that I don't actually eat babies. But I think they will be excited to find
out that in addition to playing bass, I can garden like a m---er
f---er!" Impaled guitarist Sean McGrath added, "We've never been so proud of this soil-tilling nancy-boy as we are now." Home and Garden Network is
carried on most basic cable services throughout the country.
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