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Originally Posted by Cannibalistic_Horror
That sounds just great!

But fair enough, I cn see where you're coming from.
Bands still chenge their sound every once in a while. Not entirely, but some changes can be made (Gorerotted is an example, as is Motorhead).
Just don't turn gay, and you're fine.

If I compare Enthrone Darkness Triumphant [1997] to Death Cult Armageddon [2003] they sound absolutely different, stil they're both well worth the listen.

As for Black Metal, I still prefer Emperor and the elder Immortal (Battles in the north is just so fucking hard. Black metal Motorhead.) over anything. Oh, and someone familiar with the band Kvist (For Kunsten Maa Vi Evig Vike - 1995). That's just awesome. And Dissection's Storm a the lights bane.... God, it's hard to top them records.
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