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Originally Posted by Jolly Roger
I hate it when people start bitching a band as soon as they get popular. Didn't it use to be every boys dream to be a proper fuckin' rockstar and play stadiums and that? Well, surprise, surprise... you have to be a commercial succes to be able to do so.

All your favourite bands are commercial successes...

As for my opinion on Dummy Burger; I love their bombastic sit. Really well thought through, on a commercial and on a creative level.
Shag(huh huh)rath is a smart bloke. He's so famous he has to hide his tattos when he is on a metalfestival, otherwise peoples would recognise him immediately and start sucking his grim and frostbitten cock 'en masse'.
Congrat s on them as on Cradle of Filth, when they were still top of da muthafuckin' bill.
Being popular is one thing, changing and watering down your sound to achieve said popularity is another thing.
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