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UNDERKÖVER 666 concert (something to witness)

An exclusive gig will take place on the 30th of December in the frontline in Gent (Belgium)


UNDERKÖVER 666 (int)
Members from Kult Belgian/ Irish and Australian bands performing
Covers and classics from WASP 'till MayheM

The word Black/Thrash has never fitted better to label this band!
Cult Session Maniacs!

Danish Black/Death Metal with that vibe and filth from the early 90's /end of the 80's! Blood - Puke and Salavation!

+ Metal afterparty!

so 30th December - The Frontline -Gent -Belgium

info :

plus for people interested :

cheap Hotels are available in Gent, the 29th December Sodom is playing as well in Antwerp.

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