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Originally Posted by Nornagest View Post
The recording is finished!
I can state as far as I am concerned that this is the album I wanted to do for ages!
the good point? we gonna loose a lot of fans but true dedicated beings, lovers of pure Black fucking metal will be surprised.

Of course, the biggest change will be my vocals which are VERY different than Sabathan's, now some will like it and for sure some will hate it!
This album is DEFINITELY the darkest and rawest Enthroned ever did.

Next step: the mix in Berlin, from the 30th june 'till the seventh of july.

Regarding the artwork, we have some "little" problems that should be sorted out soon.

Every single details in the lay out/artwork is/will be linked to the concept of the album which will be not that obvious for people who are not into occultism/Traditionnal Satanism but just cristal clear for the ones who share and understand our belief and philosophy.
I insit on the fact that from now on Enthroned will be more focused on Satanism/occultism, which is more important and deep to us than cliché antichristian stuff.
YES!!! It's almost time to ride Cerberus in to Hell once again! This I gotta hear once it's ready. I'm sure it's gonna be kick-ass!
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