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Originally Posted by ChAAPY View Post

what's with all the different numbers for each tom? velocity changes?

*edit8 for some reason when I right click on the file and save it as a wave, I can't hear anything when I open it up in Fruity Loops... dammit.

*edit* haha, just figured it out... the samples were recorded at 24 bit... my piece of shit stock soundcard is 16 bit. FUCK!
They are just different samples of each tom, so that if you use a complex sampler you can have it randomly trigger different ones for each hit so it sounds more realistic than just hitting the same sample over and over again.

I just used one sample for each tom though, I can't be bothered to try and learn to use something else.

I just opened the samples I wanted to use in Cool Edit and re-saved them as Wav files and they worked in Fruityloops after that.
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