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Originally Posted by THATDUDE7 View Post
ok, so i imported the song seven(necrophagist) and was finding that many of the drums were not synched up with the notes on the piano roll. how do i assign certan drums to certain keys so that when i play the song it will be triggered to that drum?
dude, you need to read through this entire thread cause the answers are in it, haha.

If your song is in a "Layer" then you need to assign your samples to it, select all your samples and click on "set children" in the Layer menu. Then hit "show children" to make sure it worked. All your samples should light up when you click "show children" after you've assigned them to the Layer.

Now, find what note triggers your sample in the piano roll (let's say C3 is your kick drum), exit the piano roll and then click on your kick sample. The Channel Settings menu will appear. Click on INS (instrument properties) and assign the key note to C3 (if your using a PC double click with your left mouse key and click once with you right mouse key)... let me know if it worked.
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