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Originally Posted by Ouroboros View Post
Yeah the snare is definitely making the compressor "breathe". The attack is either too long, or the release is too short. There's some crispness that sounds decent that ends up poking through at the softer hits, so there is also too much being compressed. Try lowering the threshold some, just so the compressor slightly kicks in on the loudest transients.

Too much boom on the toms as well, in my opinion.

Other than that, I prefer this sound to your last! Oh, and that horrible click/scratch at the end was surprising and kinda hurt my ears at a reasonable listening level. Haha
Haha thanks for the insight dude! I'll try doing some EQing and maybe multiband compression on the toms to tame the boominess and I'll adjust the compressor on the snare like you suggested and see how it sounds!

And yeah, I don't know what the fuck that noise at the end was either, haha... Didn't notice it during tracking... I'm thinking maybe my buddy turned his amp off while we were still recording and the direct out was still plugged into my interface...
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