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I'm afraid my photos are pretty piss poor, probably due to the fact I was unable to keep still in my 'fangirl' excitement :D
Heres a couple of not so blurry ones:

My mate took a few too, I think hers turned out better, so once I've checked them out I'll post up any good ones.

Originally Posted by Mick View Post
I didn't care much for the mounted police and bloodhounds, either.
Where were they, I missed that!?

Originally Posted by Mick View Post
And having seen Alchemist so intensely no other band could grab my attention.
In total agreement there! Graspop wasn't my first choice of festivals, but as I was going with a friend I had to pick one that the line up was a bit 'tamer' for her, as soon as I noticed Alchemist were playing that sold me :D

Originally Posted by Mick View Post
Yes, I saw you and wanted to say hi after the show but couldn't find you anymore then ... What a bummer!
I shouted up to John and asked if they were doing signings, he said he wasn't sure so I wandered off to the signing area to see if they had a slot...unfortunately not :( So I went and grabbed myself a Tripsis t-shirt and then wandered back into the Marquee, by which time everyone had left and the next band were setting up.
Where were you stood? shame I didn't meet you, would have been nice to have a natter to another Alchemist lover :D
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