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If you're planning to get a 7 strings guitar for praticing and studying defenitely go for a ibanez. The only thing i don't like of the newer ibanez 7 strings models is that they are manufactured in Corea or Indonesia , no more in Japan and that almost of them comes with 2 Ibanez humbucker pickups instead of the old good Di marzio model. So pay a lot of attention to the specs of the guitar you want to buy and if you find an old model like the one i have ( the rg7620 , 97's model ) defenitely go for it.
If you want to buy a 7 strings guitar to play death metal , avoid ibanez with the floyd rose and look for a Esp / Ltd guitar. I have a Stephen Carter signature model with 2 emg 81/7 and the most comfortable neck i have ever tried on a 7 strings guitar. Price was 1.199 € when it came out 2 years ago so probably you can find it with a lower price.
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