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"There’s something about Jungle Rot that has always separated them from the rest of the pack. Maybe it’s the fact that for a death metal outfit, they have a bit more clarity to their vocals. Maybe it’s the fact that they figured out how to be an extremely heavy death metal band without every song becoming a blinding blur of blast beats and screaming. Or…maybe they are just better than most of the bands out there. I vote for the combination of the three.

WAR ZONE marks the sixth straight time that Jungle Rot has come to the table with an album that just kicks ass. More focused on their brand of melodic death metal than their predecessor, 2004’s somewhat trendy FUELED BY HATE, the dirge that is vocalist Dave Matrise continues to scrape the gutter and find rage and anger ground up in the sewage. Matrise’s roar continually sounds as if it’s going to break up as he rants and raves, but he never loses it throughout. He’s painful on tracks like “Ready For War”, and really on every track on the CD. Without question, Matrise is one of the main reasons anyone would want to listen to WAR ZONE.

While Matrise is good, there is no escaping the music of WAR ZONE. It’s a punishing fusion of melodic extreme metal and brutal death metal. Matrise teams with lead guitarist Geoff Bub to create some piercing guitar lines that are controlled, but powerful and memorable. Raging riffs dominate powerful tracks like “Ambushed”. At other times, like on “Savage Rite”, there’s an almost Slayer-like guitar vibe going on between the two guitarists. This track reminds of a death metal version of Slayer’s “Bloodline”, and stands as the best track on the album. Drummer Neil Zakarek is excellent on WAR ZONE as well; mixing in perfectly timed transitions throughout much of the material. Overall, WAR ZONE continues Jungle Rot’s quest to become the biggest melodic death metal outfit in the world. Six Feet Under are now in their sites…this band is about to take their title.

PITRIFF RATING – 9/10 – Crunchy, melodic power overtaken by raging death metal vocals and some of the fattest guitar sound you’ll ever hear from a band of this ilk, Jungle Rot have really hit a home run with WAR ZONE. If metal radio wasn’t so overrun by metal posers these days, this is the kind of band that could rule that media. Well, at least they should be able to. Jungle Rot is arguably the best band out there of the melodic death scene…even if the world is yet to catch onto it."
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