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It is a crime and atrocity of the highest order that JUNGLE ROT haven't achieved a greater success than it has over the past ten plus years. Maybe its bad luck, bad location, who knows, but I say they've gotten a raw deal. Singer/Guitarist Dave Matrise has been the brains and brutality behind JUNGLE ROT since the band's inception and even though the line-up has been somewhat of a revolving door through the years he has been the glue that keeps this well-oiled machine operating and has gone on to produce one of the most consistently infectious, groove laden, aggressive old school death metal bands of it's time. This is some shit kickin' stuff and always has been ever since "Skin The Living" arrived in '95. Now, eleven years and five albums later, "War Zone" kicks it up a notch, if that's possible, with its unrelenting assault on your every last neck muscle as it somehow commands your head to bang. There isn't a bad moment on this disc and I can confidently say that about most JUNGLE ROT efforts. If you haven't already, run don't walk to your friendly neighborhood metal shop and purchase ANYTHING from these guys but especially "Warzone". These guys have been working their asses off for a long time and deserve every bit of good that should come their way. Keep pluggin' away dudes, one day this is all going to pay off!

Originality : 8/10, Production: 10/10, Performance: 10/10, Vocals: 10/10
OVERALL: 9.5/10
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