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new Severed Savior live videos

For those who are interested, I uploaded several "new" live videos recently. These videos are from an awesome show we played here in SF with Origin, Impaled and Embryonic Devourment in July 2006. There's a couple songs from "Servile Insurrection" on here, and the best live versions that we have of a few older songs. And yes I'm skinny in these videos, I know. I've gained 40 pounds since then (from 150 to 190lbs!). Though most of it seems to have collected in the mid section. So I'm still thin, but fat at the same time. Which is awesome.

"Servile Insurrection"

"One by One"

"Blessed by the Beast"

"Inverted and Inserted"

"Fecalphiliac" (best live version of this song that there is)

"Fuck the Humans" (this video has been on youtube for a while, but it's from the same show)
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