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The state of metal currently is incredibly dismal. The fact that this board didn't explode with posts after hiatus-ending SS news was released is evidence of this, or this board has just cascaded into obscurity, lol. Regardless, I, along with around 100 other cronies in Boise couldn't be more stoked! I turned almost all of my friends onto your guys' tunes, and we've all faithfully followed your progress since before the BiL days. I can finally rest easy knowing that the cliffhanger ending to Fecalphiliac will be completed in the climactic resolution: Fecalphiliac pt 2, The Golden Loins.

In all seriousness though, myself and legions of fans here in Idaho are impatiently awaiting your return. Cheers. Thanks for the continuining years of brutality. Oh, by the way, what lineup are we working with here? Same four as Servile Insurrection?
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