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Thanks guys.
I always try to make it interesting for all parties involved. Especially with someone like Mameli who's outspoken and who stirs things up among metal fans my goal was to give him critical but honest questions that are relevant i.m.o.

C-187 has undeniably stirred up mixed reactions and regardless of my own opinion about that album I again felt it necessary to bring it up.

It took some explaining on my part to convince him that I wasn't out to flame him or Pestilence but eventually he came through and returned the interview.

It is interesting how many differences in personality I encounter when doing these interviews with folks like Patrick Mameli, Paul Masdival, Kam Lee and Jörgen Sandström.
I just hope my interviews with these guys are entertaining and interesting enough for our readers.

We'll see how the new Pestilence album will turn out.
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