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I don't like weed butter.

I put 34g of Blue Dream in one # of rendered butterfat. Shit was bright green, smelled like fresh cut grass, and waaaay tooo stroong.

I put 4 tablespoons in a bakers dozen of cranberry-blueberry scones, ate two....

and was incapacitated for 3 days. Felt like death, could not hardly open my eyes. If I had a job at the time I would have been fucked.

Maybe I'm sensitive to edibles, but every time I've put THC in my mouth it goes shitty, and that was the nail in the coffin. Fuck that shit.

Never a problem with smoking, it has to do with the way you break it down when eaten, much slower.

on topic, don't do it, might burn your pee hole and you will pass out and wake up with a yeasty-weed infection. Test it out on a vagina first.

(posts pic of a vag with weed spilling out)

Edit: goal tomorrow, ask hippie girl at work if she will put butter in her puss for science and safety of Mr. Derpof

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