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No tabs at the moment. We tune to A flat.

Here is the recording chain for the guitars on Cognitive Dissonance:
Ibanez RG7321 --> Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier send --> DBX 166 Compressor --> BBE Sonic Maximizer --> Return input of Triple Rec --> Mesa/Boogie 4X12 Cab --> SM57 Microphone --> Soundcraft Spirit Digital 328 console --> PC sound card via fiber optic inputs --> Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (now it is Adobe Audition).

Also, I used Drumkit From Hell 2 samples and Fruity Loops 5.0 for sequencing and Cool Edit Pro 2.0 for editing the drum loops. I mixed and mastered using both Waves plug ins and Isotope Ozone 3. All monitored with Sennheiser HD 595 head phones.

However, for the full length I want to upgrade EVERYTHING. Well, except for the Mesa/Boogie. But I want to get the Vintech 1272 preamp, Neumman and AKG condensor mics and a pair of ADAM monitors. Hiyooh!

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