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With guitar, I think it is most important to start with a tone that hardly needs any touching up. The tone must come from the guitar rig, not the recording gear (but high fidelity equipment is important for recording a clear representation of that tone).

The Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier is a loud, loud amp, but it can get pretty muddy. It's a balancing act between gain and clarity (that I'm still learning).

I ran the drum tracks through a lot of software, including Fuity Loops, Waves and Cool Edit pro plug ins. The DKFH samples can be real tricky. I got the majority of the tones done in the sample library's dedicated eq and envelope filters (I found that if you crank the highs on the kick, there will be audible hiss if you don't calibrate the decay correctly). I did put the faintest bit of reverb on the toms and I humanized the snare manually (literally adjusting the velocity one beat at a time, as I prorammed the beats).
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