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Why don't they put more songz like "DYING WILL BE THE Death Of Me" out on their CDs??

I totally like that song way way more than the other stuff they put out where it sounds like the singer is growling as he eats his childern. The clean singing is nice on that song and provides a nice contrast against the other worldly heavy and dark atmosphere created by the rest of the song. It is as if the listener is transported from a cruel, industrial ruinscape, to the comfort of a mothers loving embrace in just one measure of this song. The Cephalic Carnage have truely captured the duality of the two worlds in America today. As modern metal intivators, CC could go much further towards establishing a large audience if they continue to work on the melodic content of their songs and move to a more accessable realm, as they do to high regard on this standout track from their 2004 album, Anonamlies.
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