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Originally Posted by CannibalCarcass
I admit Spawn Of Possession are a pretty awesome band, but Necrophagist FAR surpass their puny writing skills. Sure, SoP can let out an endless barrage of random sounding technical guitar wankage, but they definitely have problems in the songwriting department. They rarely write memorably riffs, and simply choose to see how many random time signatures they can throw into a song. Done correctly, this can be very cool sounding, and SoP do accomplish this sometimes, but it can get very boring after a while. Meanwhile, Necrophagist songs are very well written and memorable. Sure, it's not as technical, but their innovative riffs and haunting solos more then make up for it. Oh, and by the way, Spawn Of Possession are not "the future of death metal". They are simply sped up versions of the many other tech death bands that sound just like them.
Sorry, but you're wrong. Necrophagist is the pointless wankery, not SoP. They are boring to listen to, unmemorable, and have released 1 decent album and 1 awful album.

I suggest you go back to listening to shitty music like Cannibal Corpse, and leave good stuff like this alone.
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