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First of all, you think one of the most successful and influential (not to mention widely respected) death metal bands of all time are "shitty"? Interesting.

It seems to me that you're just jumping on the SoP bandwagon (no offense to anyone who likes them). I simple can't see how you see Necrophagist as "boring". They vary the pace of their music, put on emphasis on songwriting, are technical, allow each member of the band to shine, and are altogether a refined, creative, and extremely talented band. SoP on the other hand, need some work in the creativity department. Although they obviously are able to write good riffs some of the time (the opening of Swarm Of The Formless as an example), most of the time it seems like it is the same recycled "ten-million-notes-a-bar" technical death. Necrophagist are technical, yes, but at least make each and every note count (the solo of Stabwound is one excellent example of this). Also, personally I think assuming I have bad taste in music just because I disagree with you is very immature.

Just my thoughts.
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