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Originally Posted by Grindmasterflesh
Cool....FUCKING SHIT FUCK! WHAT NOW!? Are they going to play on any festival this year? Any foresight possible?
You will see more than enough of them for the rest of the year. The album will be promoted heavily and every area possible will be included. For instance, the guys will play on Mountains Of Death in Switzerland:

friday/saturday, 18./19. august 2006
moutathal switzerland

Arsebreed (NL)
Britney (CH)
Cremation (CH)
Cripple Bastards (ITA)
Cropment (CH)
Disavowed (NL)
Fleshless (CZ)
Goreinhaled (ESP)
Machetazo (ESP)
Mumakil (CH)
Necrotorture (ITA)
Obscura (DE)
Ophiolatry (BRA)
Rotten Sound (FIN)
Sacramental Blood (SER)
Spawn of Possession (SWE)
Suffocate Bastard (DE)
Suffocation (USA)
Wasteform (USA)
and 1 more

pre-sales: sfr 50, ca. 33 Euro

more info:
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