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Originally Posted by illuminatiano View Post
You know what pisses me off ?

people's statuses that address a mysterious person over a private matter, such as : "Get over yourself. Everyone knows that you can't stop loving someone. Even if you WANTED to, you can't. It's ridiculous of you to even ASK me to do that. So, in that note, no I am not gonna stop loving this person, just because you think I should, so don't you fucking DARE ask me to do that, cause I wouldn't do that to you. And neither would any one else. Except you."

What the fuck, people ? Noone fucking cares
Holy shit! I must have deleted close to a dozen people on my FB friends list in one sitting 'cause of shit like you just said. Yet the most pathetic shit that really annoys me is when people, especially females (though I'm aware not ALL females are like this, lol) utilize the status feed as a total gripe session and nothing but a 'gripe' session. Like, "Oh I wish wasn't so fat and disgusting. No one will date me, blah, blah, blah.. " and they word things so coyly as to act like they're not fishing for attention, so when some random assbag male fiend responds with, "Oh come on, I'd tap your ass quicker than a fag scoffing down a hot dog or whatever" they get all offended or whatever and tell him to fuck off! And mind you some of these chicks that do this shit are the kind of people that seem to rely on sideboob and cleavage shots in every fucking personal pic they take themselves in.

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