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Originally Posted by Spew View Post
Yeah I can't stop bobbing my head to it lol.

Good to see you've got Ludovico Einaudi and Tim Hecker on your rotation at the moment.

I think this is the most ultimate hahaha. Can you imagine living in a shanty town and playing this song every weekend whilst firing aimlessly into the air from a machinegun mounted to the back of a Toyota Hilux? Also, I realise she's from Tamil Nadu in India haha, neighbouring state to where my parents are from.

Work dictated that music choice, so good. Slowly reintroducing the batshit crazy metal into the rotation again though!

You may dig this too, it's like Subheim – or a Tim Hecker with more space and less white noise thickness – but darker and a bit trippier. Great when you're writing a dissertation alone in a lab at 2AM:

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