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Originally Posted by Hate Crew Deathroll View Post
No, this is not a joke.

It seems like you were complaining that all you had was GP4 tabs instead of James tabbing it. If the tabs are correct (and we try our best) then I don't see what's to complain about. If James posted a tab in Gp4 and it was the same as mine or something by Distorted Image, what difference would it make?

The only thing that set me off was this: if our tabs were horribly wrong. I'd be willing to bet that alot of it IS how James plays it.

I didn't mean to offend anyone and I admit, I was in a bad mood at that time but I have to say I'm with you, I'd love to see some official tab books for the Arsis albums. Muhammed did one for Necrophagist and it was well worth the money so I'm definitely in support of some from James and co.

Btw, the tabs in the first post that aren't as accurate, I'd say, are "Maddening Disdain" & "Return". They weren't done by me but I hosted them anyway. ADFD sounds pretty close.

The others were done by me and Distorted Image and I think we've done a pretty good job in getting them looking and sounding accurate. Some things, like solos, for example, I can't guarantee are 100% so I can see why you're saying what you're saying.


Sorry for the post earlier.
Don't worry... the wonders of the written language... if we had talked face to face this would have never happened...
I greatly appreciate your work on these tabs.

Do you know what made me write those things?
This interview by James

Here's a snippet:
When I interview someone for Ultimate-Guitar, I like to ask them if they’ve ever checked out the tabs kids put up on the web. Have you ever checked out an Arsis tab and was it even close to correct?

None of the Arsis tabs that I have seen online have been completely correct. A few seemed to have the right idea.

I repeat, I appreciate your work on the tabs, but I'd like to have all the songs with all the solos, 100% accurate, without any worries.

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