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Originally Posted by Candy View Post
I bought the album last week in Fopp, much clearer and fiercer sounding than the promo the Wilson gave me earlier. great job guys, it's stunning!

To SPlitUrGutz, I just listened to a Cryptopsy song on the Terrorizer CD and really like it. It's more like And Then You'll Beg with the hardcore vocals and insaneness, but ATYB is one of my favourite extreme metal albums. I didn't like Lord Worm's vocals at all.

And to show I'm a complete scenester has anyone heard the new Slipknot stuff? All Hope is Gone is quality!

Sorry, I'll get my coat....
I'll agree with you Candy old boy. The CRYPTOPSY stuff ain't near as shite as people are making out. What the fuck is wrong with experimenting? If they just kept putting out the same old stuff, the same people would bitch about that as well.
As for SLIPKNOT, not heard anything yet. I really liked the last album, although I ain't heard it in a while.

I'll get my coat as well....
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