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i suck.

Originally Posted by Brutal Bands
Well 200 people isn't too bad. Just curious as the scene in Europe seems to be stronger than in the US, so I always like to learn more about the European scene.
I know there would have been a stronger British contingent if the majority of brutal death fans here aren't either impoverished or just plain tight.
If I'm honest I'm quite surprised that Emeth were on first out of all the bands... i know it was probably to do with the number of bands on the bill combined with the structure of the scheduling but ideally it it was possible I'd have thought the smaller stage would have started first (with Sarpanitum, who quite honestly I'd say are noteably less well-known than Emeth) and THEN the first band on the mainstage...

but then I'm probably just bitter cause I missed Emeth thanks to travelling
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