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Originally Posted by M.Gilbert
Hey dude,
Congrats on the new amp! Good to hear you are happy with it.
The feedback can be several things. Most commonly:
1. A microphonic tube.
Usually it's the V1 or first position preamp tube that would be more prone to creating feedback. But it can also be caused by any of the other tubes. Easy and fairly inexpensive fix if this is the cause.
2. Amp settings.
You might (unfortunately) have to compromise slightly on the tone to lessen feedback. I would turn off any noise gate you got going, and let the amp feedback. Then go through each eq knob and find out which one contributes the most to the feedback.
3. Pickups and or guitar issues.
Tube amps are in general more prone to feedback. But even though you may not have had as much feedback with your previous amp using the same exact guitar, the guitar could still be contributing to it. The Evo I had in my SLSMG was prone to feedback more than my EMG's. But not much more.
First, put some foam underneath the pickups. Also, if using a guitar with a tremelo, wrap electrical tape around the tremelo springs (I also put foam underneath them). If using a tune-o-matic setup, wrap electrical tape around the strings behind the bridge. All 3 of those things have caused serious feedback problems for me in the past, and the fixes worked very well.
Switching noise gates isn't going to solve this problem. No matter what gate you use, bad feedback is going to affect it's ability to function properly.
I'd start with sound deadening on the guitar first, try a different cable, then pinpoint the eq knob contributing most to the feedback and if all those fail change the preamp tubes.
The Voodoo mods own. The 5150 mods Trace does get very good reviews.
I plan on having my Engl preamp modded there too.
Thanks for the advice Mike, I just got a string-thru the body ESP, and I'm gonna see if there is any difference with the feedback. I'm thinking of trying a Duncan JB in the bridge position.

Also, yeah... I cant wait to get my 5150 modded... I'm wondering if I should go with their more expensive mod? Wonder if its worth the extra $300 or so?
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