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hello surt, i am a HUGE pantera fan

SFU is nothing like it

I dont get it, hate them fine, but comparing stuff to pantera?

Pantera was a mix of thrash, groove and proper fuckin metal that reinvented the wheel.

Six Feet Under play stoner metal, with death metal vocals over the top, its samey and shit and not tech at all

I never would compare them to pantera, the only band u can compare sfu with ( other than torture killer ) is ac/dc .

And as for the record labels shite you were talking about, i wasnt saying they must be good coz of being linked to cc(barnes was in that if u remember )

Im simply saying that if they are such a fucking terrible band, why would they be signed to a big metal label and sell enough cd's to keep them on that label? Coz surely if they are cack, they wouldnt sell enough records to be on the blade.

oh yeah and who are disgorge?
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