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Originally Posted by Adagio View Post
Well, its just preference, not issues really. I would just rather be able to hear my kick drum clearly when I'm playing to clean it up. No "issues" per se, but just a concern. Also for live environment (unless someone would like to convince me how it is not necessary)

I'm mainly looking for the best trigger + module setup ASIDE from the Axis + eKit. Just for the bass drum, I don't need triggers for the toms.
Well, everybody in the universe (except for me) uses the Alesis DM5, so def start there.

I could never get the Red Shot triggers to work right, either didn't trigger, or double triggered. I found triggers to be a royal pain in the ass. I'd get them dialed in at home, then when playing with the band they were all over the place due to the extra vibrations from the bass, etc.

I got my Axis pedals and eKits, and they've worked like a champ. If you are dead set against the Axis, try the Roland, I've heard good things.

And yes, triggers will def help you tighten up your playing. I gaurantee you, your feet suck ass, you just don't know it yet without the triggers. Mine did, and playing with the trigs has drastically improved my playing.
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