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Originally Posted by xxxyyy View Post
Do you know what made me write those things?
This interview by James

Here's a snippet:
When I interview someone for Ultimate-Guitar, I like to ask them if they’ve ever checked out the tabs kids put up on the web. Have you ever checked out an Arsis tab and was it even close to correct?

None of the Arsis tabs that I have seen online have been completely correct. A few seemed to have the right idea.

I repeat, I appreciate your work on the tabs, but I'd like to have all the songs with all the solos, 100% accurate, without any worries.
James obviously hasn't seen mine! Haha.

I'd actually like James' opinion on some of my stuff. None of it is on ultimate guitar but I do believe alot of the rhythm stuff is accurate.

Originally Posted by newby99 View Post

A Feast For the Liars Tongue intro and first guitar solo tabbed

pretyy 100 percent sure the notes are right but i cant work GPro at all so i put the notes in the order their played etc. just match it up to the song if ur gonna play it on ur guitar and it will sound right

i was gonna upload a vid of me playing it on my youtube but my camera is being a big gay and not agreein with the pc

and feel free to use it/change it and enhance it, i'll work on trying to figure some more out if i get time
Not bad! I don't know the song too well but the notes seem to be right.
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